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Why Gamification for Retail is a Powerful Tool for Connecting with Millennials
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Anand Shaw, Cofounder, Inventrik Pte Ltd

In the age of smart-phones, social media and connected devices; keeping millennials engaged has become more difficult than ever before, especially for retailers. Our increasingly digitalized lifestyle means that we have more information available...

Leveraging the Power of Cloud to Add Value to Business
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Ronald Blahnik, CIO, Hibbett Sport

Cloud is similar to a data center. However, not many understand what it actually consists of. Organizations that were outsourced or dealt with those who started a data center were living this time back in the ’80s. Today, with the help of...

Utilities Move to the Cloud to Enable Seamless Efficiency and Innovation
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Greg Richards, Vice President of Devops, Itron

In the rapidly evolving utility industry, it is vital to provide opportunities for innovation and idea sharing on a protected, efficient platform. Cloud services have created opportunities for the industry to harness an entirely new platform of...

Dawn of a New Era in eCommerce
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Chris Brook-Carter, Managing Director of RWRC (Ascential)

The retail landscape of today looks radically different from that of ten years, even five years ago. Digital disruption and the adoption of technology has reduced barriers to entry for brands and new retailers and put unprecedented pressure on...

AI-driven Ecommerce is a constantly Changing Business Landscape
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Ecommerce is about to squeeze $700 billion by 2022. Using AI in ecommerce is asserting to help pave the way for safe, user-friendly and financially viable ecom sites. There is hardly any domain untouched by the influence of e-commerce from smart...

Warehouse in Sao Paulo: Amazon's Effect on the Brazilian Market
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The Brazilian economy is one of the largest economies of the world and the largest in Latin America. According to research by BBVA, the Brazilian economy is predicted to grow by 2.2 percent in 2019 and 1.8 percent by 2020. Thus, the competition is...

Checkpoint Systems Launches HALO IoT Platform, Gives Boost to Retail Tech
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Checkpoint Systems, a division of CCL Industries the only vertically integrated solution provider for retail has announced the launch of the HALO IoT platform. The platform is designed to meet the requirement of fast pace retail stores to keep up...

How IoT is Revolutionizing the Retail Customer Experience
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Prashant Kumar, Founder & CEO, TechBlocks

Implementation of IoT is becoming easier through falling hardware costs, productivity gains, and the focus of major players such as Microsoft with their Azure IoT Suite. As it grows in scale and accessibility, IoT will fundamentally alter business...

Face as the New Data Point: The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Facial Recognition Technologies
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Riku Vassinen, Head of Digital Transformation, JWT Singapore

Although facial recognition technology has been around from 1960´s, it was again Apple who made this technology household name. After the launch of iPhone X, facial recognition opportunities have truly hit the mainstream. Besides locking...

Disrupting the Retail Customer Experience
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Hilary Hahn, VP, Customer Experience Innovation, Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

My resistance was for good reason; instinctively I knew that once I acquiesced to the app, it would be too easy to search and find any retail item I was inclined to possess, at any hour, at a competitive price, and then with a click, BUY IT...

The Industrial IoT Attack Surface
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Matt Griffiths, CIO, Stanley Black & Decker Industrial

The average lifespan of industrial manufacturing machinery is around 20 years. To put that in context; 20 years ago, Windows 98 &Visual Basic 6.0 had just been released by Microsoft, Google had just hired their first employee and US Robotics...

Journey from Intelligent Automation (IA) to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Sanjay Choubey, VP-IT, Briggs & Stratton

A leaders in business or IT, automation has always been understood as an approach to manage cost and increase operational efficiency, however recent advancement and improved approach of automation has introduced another decision factor about...

Disruption of Retail to be a Reality with Virtual Reality
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The immersive world of VR providing a convenient, enjoyable, and addictive shopping experience with the added advantage of being able “feel” things in the VR space could turn the tide for retail. With the price of...

Seven Signs of Disruption to Watch in 2017
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Rod Sides, Vice Chairman, US Retail, Wholesale and Distribution leader, Deloitte LLP

Many traditional retail operations continue to be disrupted by technologies that remove barriers to entry for agile players. Challenged by evolving market fragmentation, pragmatic adoption of technology can present retailers with opportunities to...

The Business Reality of Virtual Reality
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Vinod Subramanyam, AVP & Head - Digital Experiences at Brillio

For many in tech, 2016 was seen as “Year 0” for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). Facebook released the highly anticipated consumer version of their Oculus Rift VR headsets. Users downloaded Pokémon Go, the AR-based mobile...

Digital in Retail: The Three Steps to Maturity
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Paul Conder, Vice President, CX, CallisonRTKL

Before embarking on a career in retail design and customer experience in the late 1990s, I was part of a tech 1.0 startup. Back then, our marketing activities involved showing our wares at trade shows and tech conventions along the lines of...

The Key to the 360-Degree Customer View: Buyer Personas
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Greg Petro, President and CEO, First Insight

Feeling the quality of fabrics, navigating through new collections, comparing pricing at-a-glance and speaking with representatives that are most attuned to the brand are all advantages brick-and-mortar retailers have with their customers. The...

The Post- Office Generation
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Ryan Byrd, CIO & VP Engineering, Entrata

It is no secret that Google completely revolutionized the workplace with their browser-based email offering (Gmail) back in 2004. An incredible six years later, in 2010, Microsoft followed suit with Office 365. But by that time, it had become a...

Growing Pains for Amazon
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James Keller, Executive Partner, Bulger Partners

It is shaping up to be another great year for Amazon and one that represents some big milestones for the company. In the company’s most recent financial quarter, which also marked its 21st year of operation, finally showed signs of tackling...

Century Broadens Cash Flow Management; Facilitates Credit Card Payments inside SAP B1
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IRVINE, CA: Century Business, a provider of technology based merchant service that develops integrated payment processing solutions has introduced a payment processing enhancement for SAP Business One. The payment solution will enable business...