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How can Mobile Devices Prevent the Fall of Brick and Mortar Retail?
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Brick and Mortar retailers relying on mobile devices for their operations should opt for the right partners who continuously support them with their functioning. Fremont, CA: Attracting a swarm of customers towards their brick and mortar stores...

Facts To Keep In Mind Before Adding Data-Intensive Technologies In The Retail Industry
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As suggested in a survey, retailers involve more data-intensive technology while neglecting the IT framework's efficiency. Is this appropriate for their organizations? FREMONT, CA: According to the 2019 Retail Technology Survey, the...

5 Tips To Win in the Amazon Era
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Online shopping is continuously evolving and disrupting the market that, in turn, urges other retailers to move to online platforms. FREMONT, CA: The “Amazon effect” refers to the transformation caused by the online, e-commerce or...

What Retailers Should Consider Before Adding Data-Intensive Technologies
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According to a report, retailers are adding more data-intensive technologies while neglecting the performance of the IT system. Is it healthy for their organizations? FREMONT, CA: According to 2019 Retail Technology Report, the major problem...

How Retailers Can Make the Most Out of Analytics?
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Amidst the sea of data and technology, it is imperative for retailers to make marketing decisions based on data-backed insights. FREMONT, CA: Today, retailers are dealing with a massive volume of data generated from external and internal...

Why Gamification for Retail is a Powerful Tool for Connecting with Millennials
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Anand Shaw, Cofounder, Inventrik Pte Ltd

In the age of smart-phones, social media and connected devices; keeping millennials engaged has become more difficult than ever before, especially for retailers. Our increasingly digitalized lifestyle means that we have more information available...

e-Commerce Startup Commercetools Raises USD 145 Million from Insight Partners
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Arthur Lawida, President

Founded in 2006, Commercetools launched its API commerce platform in 2013 and has been looking to disrupt the commerce software market since. By making use of the company's true cloud, headless, and API first commerce platform, brands can...

What Do Retail CIOs Need in The Coming Years?
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For retailers, it is crucial to keep up with the rapid speed of consumer adoption of technologies that help them enhance their lives, and utilize technology to build new efficiencies in existing business methods. FREMONT, CA: The leading trade...

Why Retail CIOs Should Embrace Technology
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The retail sector, by utilizing technology, can improve customer relationships by providing them with industry best options, which can be accessed through a human touch on a digital screen. FREMONT, CA: The companies embracing marketing...

How To Master the Switching Minds of your Customers?
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Customers possess unpredictable changes with respect to their preferences, and retailers should address this changing customer fondness towards brands. FREMONT, CA: One of the most interesting factors that drive the retailers to come up with...

Three Major Aspects of CRM Data to Boost the Marketing Outcome
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CRM data should be an essential asset for retailers as it helps them to keep track of the customers with their brands to accelerate marketing outcomes. FREMONT, CA: Gone are the days when target customers opened the emails sent by retailers....

3 Ways for Retail Companies to Enhance Merchandising
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A good merchandising strategy supports retail companies in enhancing traffic, sales, and brand loyalty. However, it is vital for retailers to know which technology would be suitable for providing exceptional and personalized shopping experiences...

Branded Retail: Living at the Intersection of Technology and Culture
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Greg Klingaman, Global Head of Retail & Strategic Partnerships, Diageo

Greg Klingaman is a retail executive with over 15 years of experience in leading multiple brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, The Home Depot and more toward profitable growth, and operational excellence. Presently, the Global Head of Retail and...

Walgreens All Set to Partner With Wing to Launch On-Demand Drone Delivery Pilot
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Vish Sankaran, Chief Innovation Officer, Walgreens Boots

Walgreens is partnering with Wing to offer fast and convenient store to door delivery of food and beverages, health and wellness, and other products to Christiansburg consumers. FREMONT, CA: Walgreens is all set to join hands with Wing, a drone...

Leveraging the Power of Cloud to Add Value to Business
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Ronald Blahnik, CIO, Hibbett Sport

Cloud is similar to a data center. However, not many understand what it actually consists of. Organizations that were outsourced or dealt with those who started a data center were living this time back in the ’80s. Today, with the help of...

Reimagining How Technology Can Fuel Growth
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Gail Evans, Global Chief Information Officer & Global Chief Digital Officer, Mercer Global

The rapidly evolving world of information technology has transformed the familiar call for “Faster, Better, Cheaper!” into a business expectation. So is it any surprise when clients—internal and external—read about big...

Operation Excellence through Virtualization: America's Oldest Bank takes on the Future of VMWare Integration
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Jim Mignone, SVP & CIO, Washington Trust

Founded in 1800, Washington Trust (NASDAQ: WASH) is the oldest community bank in the nation. That record of longevity comes with a responsibility to innovate and adapt to ever-changing operational and technology needs. The vast improvements to...

The Benefits of Tinkering over Reinvention
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Andy Mulcahy, Strategy and Insight Director, IMRG

We have all had occasions where we’ve felt that a lack of cutting-edge technology is holding us back. ‘If only this system could talk to this one’; ‘if we put an AI solution in there, it would improve our efficiency...

6 Strategies to Increase the Security of your Store
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Retailers must always be aware of the loss due to shoplifting, and they should apply strategies to prevent theft and scammers. One of the most successful ways of preventing theft and loss of money is investing in technology. FREMONT,...

5 Ways Retail Analytics Is Changing Its Facade and Beyond
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By using retail analytics techniques, companies can recognize high-value customers and identify the best channels to market their products. FREMONT, CA: Consumer demands are changing at a rapid pace, and companies must keep up with them. With...