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Point Inside Announces Personalization Tool for In-Store Marketing
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Christine Schultz, CIO, Eddie Bauer

As retailers grapple with how to meet consumer demand for more personalized mobile experiences, the in-store product location firm Point Inside is announcing a new service today that will leverage historical shopping information to allow retailers...

Protect, Serve and Grow: Retailers Transform Processes with Science and Art
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KS Kumar, CCO, Sutherland

After shoppers interact with your customer service team, do you want them to walk away thinking they simply got their questions answered? Or, do you want them to feel grateful for a personal and relevant experience? Retailers know they need the...

Being Your Best Reference Account: 4 Questions Every CIO Should Ask
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Alvina Antar, CIO, Zuora

Technology company CIOs are among the chosen few who are able to create a greater impact to their business and revenue beyond their core IT function by truly using their own product. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones, you must begin the...

Growing Pains for Amazon
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James Keller, Executive Partner, Bulger Partners

It is shaping up to be another great year for Amazon and one that represents some big milestones for the company. In the company’s most recent financial quarter, which also marked its 21st year of operation, finally showed signs of tackling...

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