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How is Content Marketing Reshaping Merchandising?
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The popularity of content as a tool for marketing is increasing rapidly, giving retailers a chance to redefine strategies and attract customers better. FERMONT, CA: With unmatched competencies and significant ROI, content marketing is...

How AI and Data will Help CMOs Put Customers at the Forefront
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Jess O’Reilly, Regional Vice President, Marketing Cloud, Asia, Salesforce

CMOs looking to get ahead and stand out from competition need to be able to prescribe a hyper-personalized journey and experience for each of their customer–whether they have just 10 or 10 million. But how do they realistically scale...

4 Ways Retail CIOs Crack Down Online Counterfeiting
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Driving away online counterfeit fraud is essential to secure brand value and goodwill. FREMONT, CA:  In recent days, customers are pleased by the time-saving facility of searching and selecting their favorite product remotely over the...

Augmented Reality is Transforming Retail!
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The integration of AR technology will enable retailers to enhance customer experience and stand out in the retail landscape. FREMONT, CA – The proliferation of technology is transforming the retail sector, introducing new capabilities,...

Impulsify Joins Hands with Shiji Group to Widen Retail POS Deployment
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Under the new partnership, both the companies will collectively put efforts into the expansion of retail POS deployment   FREMONT, CA: Impulsify, a Denver-based vendor of retail software and professional services has teamed up with...

Retail Trend Driven Principles- Streamlining Consumer-Retailer Relationships
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Joseph Biffar, Director, Loss Prevention & Security, Chico's FAS

What are the current market trends you see shaping the Retail Security landscape? Currently, the retail sector is experiencing severe turbulence. The emerging retail industry trends continue to disrupt and transform the landscape. One among...

The Predictive Value of Big Data in Retail Applications
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Steve Van Till, President and CEO, Brivo Systems

As interesting as Big Data can be for finding patterns in the past, its biggest promise for security lies in being able to predict the future. No, we’re not talking about some sort of Minority Report dystopia where the state peers into your...

Retail Industry to Get a Security Update
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FREMONT, CA: Internet of Things (IoT) unveils an array of opportunities for retailers. The emergence of IoT makes it possible to help decrease shrink and other forms of loss. But with new systems come new vulnerabilities, and IoT tools are no...

Technical Leaders are Set to Focus on Democratization Strategies with MVOT
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FREMONT, CA: A new version of truth (SVOT) has long been the holy grail of analytics professionals, and it is problematic for retailers to understand the complexities of the habits and desires of their customers through a single lens. Since retail...

Expanding Customer Base through AI-Led Pricing and Promotions
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FREMONT, CA: The retail industry has undergone a drastic transformation in recent years. From the shopper’s empowerment to the sudden entry of online players, everything has affected the retail industry in various ways. With relevant data...

Extending Benefits of POS System in Restaurants
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FREMONT, CA: With the advancements in the Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, the speed and versatility of the retail and restaurant industry has increased manifold. The net result of this is higher sales and faster ROI. Some of the many benefits...

Factors that can Drive Success for E-Commerce Companies
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E-commerce has disrupted traditional ways of shopping and offered a plethora of options for a customer. The E-commerce retail market offers a complete digital experience to the users, allowing them to choose a product of their liking from a...

Profitect is Named a Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider for 2019 by Retail CIO Outlook Magazine
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Adam Haight, SVP of Sales

Burlington, MA - Profitect Inc., the leading prescriptive analytics provider for the retail and CPG industry, today announced the company is named a “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution Provider - 2019” by Retail CIO...

Four Ways to Drive Traffic to the E-Commerce Platform
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E-Commerce marketers usually look for new ways to drive traffic and sales to their store. Some sale channels are profitable while some are not and therefore one has to refine the marketing strategies to understand which channels are...

New Data Management Tool for Retailers: Personalized Buying Experience for Consumers
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E-commerce has gained significant popularity over physical stores in the past years, but, big-chain retail stores are dominant. According to eMarketer, 90 percent of the global retail revenue is still generated by the physical store. To eliminate...

NexTech Releases 'Try-It-On', a web-based AR Product for Online Retail
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NexTech AR Solutions launches ‘Try-It-On’, an AR product that enables customers of online vendors to view eyewear before they buy it. This new solution for online retailers uses its facial tracking capabilities and AI-assisted computer...

InContext Solutions Launches the Second-Generation of ShopperMX
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InContext Solutions, a Chicago IL-based leading provider of 3D-simulation software for retail, has launched its second-generation, decision-support platform, ShopperMX. The platform will help the retailers and manufacturers to gain a competitive...

Reverse Logistics - No Longer the Cost of Doing Business
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Steven Fulghum, Director, Device Logistics and Procurement, U.S. Cellular

It is no surprise that returns of consumer goods is a topic most companies wish to avoid. Returns are costly, difficult to manage logistically, and prone to process errors that can adversely affect the customer experience. Unfortunately, there is...

Five Essentials for Retail POS in 2019
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Point of Sale (POS) has become the heart of every establishment. From restaurants to the retail store, POS systems have solidified their place and have turned out to be a unique element in the sales process. If given the sheer volume of retail...

A key element for Retail Companies in achieving ROI results
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As we already know, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing technologies, which solve a lot of practical challenges faced by humankind. The use of AI in the field of business, always help in optimizing the industrial operations...