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Rise of the Machine: AI Will Change CRM and How You Engage Your Customers Forever
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Dr. Volker G. Hildebrand, Global VP, SAP Hybris

For many years, computers could play mathematical games like chess and the sheer computing horsepower was the key to their success. Last year, for the first time ever, a computer was able to play the complex board game of Go and win!...

Ways to Take Friction Out of Cross-border Transfers
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David Thompson, EVP, Global Operations and Technology, CTO & CIO, Western Union

There are a few core trends that I see resonating across the industry; all have to do with providing ease and convenience for the customer and the capability to move money in minutes. The first is a firm’s ability to provide payments and...

MarTec360: Boosting Bottom-Line Growth for Every e-Business
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Andrew Shelton, Founder & CEO

A data-driven marketing and technology solutions and services company that helps e-businesses boost bottom-line growth and profitability through actionable data intelligence

Flixmedia: Sell More
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Scott Lester, CEO

Provider of rich, digital content solutions to global retailers

commercetools: Powering Commerce Platforms of the Future
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Arthur Lawida, President

Provider of cloud-based commerce technology.

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