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The Digital Journey
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Dan Adam, CIO, Extreme Networks [NasdaqGS-EXTR]

Integrating Data for 360-Degree View With increased competitive pressures on traditional brick and mortar retailers due to the rapidly growing online ecommerce channels, retailers must provide a high quality digital in-store experience to...

Five Signs It's Time to Rethink Your Social Strategy
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Andrew Wilson, CIO, Accenture

Only a few decades ago, it would have been inconceivable for employees to collaborate in real time across continents. Now, teleworking and video conferencing are commonplace, and businesses rely on a wide range of social tools to facilitate...

Integrating Data for a 360-degree Customer View
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Bernard Luthi, President, Monoprice

In this day and age it is very critical to understand your customer and their journey with your organization. Customer engagement is critical given the assortment of options available to a consumer and this requires a thorough understanding of all...

Retail Liability In 140 Characters Or Less: Foreseeability In The Social Media Age
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Nicholas P. Resetar, Associate Attorney, Roetzel & Andress

By now, it is safe to say that Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and MySpace are not merely fads that temporarily captured the attention span of the entire globe. Well…. perhaps MySpace’s ship has sailed, but social media is here to stay....

DataMax's Envoy 8 Enhances Retail Management by Incorporating Modern Technology
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Retail Cio Outlook

ROUND ROCK, TX: DataMax Group, a provider of convenience store back office software, announces the availability of its latest version of retail management platform, Envoy 8 to help retailers align store operations as well as enhance profits by...

Janrain: Enriching Retail Experiences
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Jim Kaskade, CEO

Provides customer identity solutions that assist the retailers to tackle the shifting digital landscape and enhance the omnichannel experience for retail customers

Snipp: Getting Brands and Customers Closer through a Robust Merchandizing Platform
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Atul Sabharwal, Co-founder & CEO

An accelerating platform for all kinds of promotion and marketing activities for an optimized relationship between the retailers and consumers...

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