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Instagram in E-Commerce: Ever-evolving Marketing Platform
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Instagram is often gossiped to be developing a standalone shopping, and a commercial application named the IG shopping app. With the resignation of Instagram co-founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, there is a huge need for Instagram to adopt...

The New Value Case for Mobile Apps: A Foundation for Immersive Commerce
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Dave Nickens, Mobile Director, Build.com

Over the last several years there has been much debate around Mobile Apps. Should we have one? What level of investment should we make? For this discussion, let’s focus on native apps, consumer expectations, and the intersection of emerging...

Benefits of Cloud in Logistics
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Chuck Fuerst, Director of Product Strategy, HighJump Software

Cloud computing is a hot topic and the basic structure is similar no matter the service: a vendor hosts the software application and hardware infrastructure, and the customer accesses the services via a Web browser. The customer gains the...

Data Driven Automated Approach to Market Promotional Sales
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Sudhir Vallamkondu, VP, iCrossing

Stores that have retail locations (Grocery, Home Improvement, Department stores etc.) have recurring promotional sales. These sales are a great way to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability....

Your Customers are on Smartphones: Are You Giving them Dumb Apps?
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Michael Jaconi, CEO & Co-Founder, Button

People continue to spend more time on mobile, requesting, purchasing, and booking the exact products they want, at the exact time they want them. Every retailer must have a mobile app strategy, one that can fulfill these on-demand behaviors and...

18 Tips for Retailers Negotiating Software Contracts
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Mark Lilien, SVP & CIO, Things Remembered

There are several things I’ve learned during my tenure in the Information Technology industry, not the least of which is contract negotiation. Below are 18 tips that can help you achieve mutually beneficial terms when it comes to negotiating...

Retailcloud: Creating Dynamic POS Systems
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Kevin Colaco, Founder

Provider of Windows and Android enabled, cloud-based point of sale solution for retail businessed.

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