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Moving to a Software Defined Framework
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Rathi Murthy, CTO, Gap Inc.

At Gap Inc., we have millions of customers who visit us every day in stores, on our websites and on their mobile phones. As the shopping experience has evolved, so have their expectations of the experience they will have each time that they...

Digital and In-Store Shopping is Colliding and Reliable Network Performance is at the Center
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Ricardo Belmar, Senior Director-Enterprise Product Marketing, InfoVista

Digital and in-store shopping experiences are on a collision course in the best way possible. The move toward digital and online has transformed retail business models that have been in place for decades, with digital shopping experiences...

Infovista: Extending the Frontiers of Knowledge in Network Performance and Application Control
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Neil Dunham, VP Sales of UK and Ireland

Provides complete visibility and unprecedented control to deliver improved experiences and maximum value to client network and applications

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