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Business Intelligence: New Data and Insights Propel Fraud Fighting Solutions Ahead
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Don Bush, Vice President of Marketing, Kount

The term Business Intelligence (BI) was introduced in the early 90s to describe an exciting new way to extract insight and create visual reports from stored data across the enterprise. This new insight, shared typically in the form of BI reports...

Choosing the Best CRM for a Manufacturer
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Though CRM’s have become the new buzzword for companies, manufacturers aren’t seeing it as a utility for businesses because they believe that their revenues are from existing customers or repeat sales. For them, a CRM is nothing but an...

Making Sense of the MarTech Mess
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Brittany Feinson, VP, Communications, Marriott International [NASDAQ:MAR]

It’s Monday morning, I login to my email, I already have 20 messages awaiting my attention, and the day is only just beginning. Among these are three solicitations from vendors on how “they can revolutionize my marketing...

Infusing Analytics into Physical Retail Stores
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Brandon Schulz, Director, Retail Vertical, Luxoft [NYSE:LXFT]

With the growing customer demands, players in the retail industry are leveraging advanced eCommerce platforms to enhance shopping experience. The capability of eCommerce platforms to record users’ browsing history in retail cloud...

Speed of Retail
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John O'Reilly, VP of Business Development, Aptaris

When consumers demand instant gratification, including fast delivery and information at their finger-tips, the speed of retail must be accelerated. Add the rapid technology upgrades every six months and retailers are facing a hyper-competitive...

Revving the Tech-ometer
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Keith Crerar, Executive VP, TradeRev

Technology is significantly changing the way dealers approach vehicle acquisition, inventory, remarketing and sales. New apps and tools that are designed to build and optimize efficiencies, create new channels of business, foster connectivity,...

ECM, "The Dragon" to Deliver Business Value
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Thomas Phelps IV, CIO & VP-Corporate Strategy, Laserfiche

At a recent CIO summit on the topic of shrinking IT budgets, a CIO spoke up and said that board level discussions about IT governance should not be about how IT enables the business. Instead, the conversation needs to be reframed around how IT is...

Balancing In-House and Hosted SaaS Solutions
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Stuart Scott, CIO, Tempur-Pedic

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs In a word…"Apps". With the rapid growth of apps for smartphones and tablets along with the push for BYOD, end users have a high expectation on the enterprise IT organization...

DataMax's Envoy 8 Enhances Retail Management by Incorporating Modern Technology
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ROUND ROCK, TX: DataMax Group, a provider of convenience store back office software, announces the availability of its latest version of retail management platform, Envoy 8 to help retailers align store operations as well as enhance profits by...

WooPOS: Fast and Easy Retail POS for Ultimate Customer Experience
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Benny Zhu, Founder & CEO

WooPOS offers a Windows-based POS software to help retailers manage retail stores at multiple locations with apt inventory management, data analytics, sales processing and employee management

Dataphone: How to Foster Digitalization in Supply Chain Management
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Nina Habicht, Marketing & Business Development Manager

Develops highly innovative, mobile and reliable soft-and hardware solutions dedicated to warehouse management, transport and shipping, and retail

Omnico: Driving Innovation in Smart Customer Engagement
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Mel Taylor, CEO

Omnico offers cloud-based, multi-channel POS and smart customer engagement solutions across the destination, hospitality and retail sectors

TEMPOE: Retail Within Reach
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Chris Garrido, President

TEMPOE provides several flexible payment options with the opportunity of quick and economical ownership for consumers

Retail Pro International: Omnichannel Retail Management Redefined
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Kerry Lemos, CEO

Streamlining POS, inventory management, and customer experience

RoboRewards: Powering the Loyalty Rewards Experience
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Jonathan Ingram, Founder & CEO

Offers multiple customized, omnichannel, plug-n-play, reward programs with automated smart marketing features

DynamicAction: The Merchandising Dynamos
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John Squire, CEO

Connecting and analyzing millions of data points from every part of a retail organization to improve merchandising processes.

INTURN: Redefining Excess Inventory Management
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Ronen Lazar, CEO and Co-Founder

Online B2B platform built to enable brands and retailers to confidentially sell and buy excess apparel inventory on a global scale

Transcends: End-to-end Visibility for Retail Inventory Management
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Brian Pause, VP of Business Development & Product Management

A provider of RFID and sensor based software to track assets, manage and control inventories in the retail industry [NASDAQ:SPRT]: Driving Enhanced Shopper's Journey
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Elizabeth Cholawsky, President & CEO

Provider of cloud-based and services to retail, Internet of Things and other connected technology industries.

PlumSlice Labs: Leverage the Cloud to Power Extended Retail Ecosystem
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Abnesh Raina, CEO and Founder

Provider of a suite of web and mobile apps for managing and selling products more economically, creatively, and efficiently

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