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Eptica: Optimizing Customer Engagement through Multichannel Engagements
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Olivier Njamfa, President, CEO & Co- Founder

Provider of multichannel and multilingual customer interaction management software, covering the email, web, social media, web chat and agent channels

Zendesk: Seamless Customer Engagements to Enhance Business Opportunities
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Mikkel Svane, CEO

Provides a customer service platform designed to help customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal and productive

Integrated Merchandising Systems: Fully Integrated Cost-effective Merchandising Supply Chain Solutions
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Rick Remick, CEO

IMS provides end-to-end merchandising solutions, delivering strategic project management to promote brands and drive sales

Aptaris: Marketing and Promotions Management Made Simple
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Tom O'Reilly, President & CEO

Aptaris offers a suite of real-time enterprise marketing and promotions management tools that focuses specifically on the promotional needs of present day’s retailer...

Broadleaf Commerce: Delivering a Fully Modular and Extensible eCommerce Platform
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Brian Polster, CEO

Specializes in open source technologies and provides platform solutions for enterprise eCommerce...

Ability Commerce: Streamlining the Entire Multichannel Business Process
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Diane Buzzeo, Founder & CEO

Designs, develops, deploys and supports innovative e-commerce, order management and financial software solutions for growing multi-channel retailers, catalogers and distributors....

MRI Software: Bringing Business Intelligence to Life
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Brian Zrimsek, Chief Products Officer

Provider of innovative software solutions for the global real estate and retail industry

Futura Retail Solution: Retail POS Solution with Omni-Channel Capability
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Vanjo Wandscher, CEO

A firm that offers Futura4Retail, an ERP tool and Futura4POS, a cash register program for all forms of product distribution....

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