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About Retail CIO Outlook

Retailers are increasingly recognizing that what has made them successful historically—getting the right product in the right place for the right price—is now the bare minimum. The new battleground is improving people's experience with digital technology and offering the ease of shopping sitting at home. Retail CIO Outlook is a print medium that talks about various enterprise solutions which can redefine business goals of tomorrow. Following a unique learn-from-peer approach the magazine assists decision makers to stay abreast in the ever changing business scenario where one needs to know about the latest from the best sources. Retail CIO Outlook brings you the latest trends in the industry on the most happening technologies and solution providers.

The next wave of intelligent automation solutions—powered by artificial intelligence—will weave technology, big data and people together to transform what retailers do and how they do it. Retail CIO Outlook is like a beacon guiding the organizations towards the correct path in this technologically enhanced era.

Retail CIO Outlook aims to be that platform which allows high level executives across industries to share their insights, which in turn will help the technology, business leaders and start-up ecosystem with analysis on information technology trends and provide a better understanding on the role that Retail play in achieving the business goals.

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