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November 08, 2018

Retail CIO Outlook Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
AI uses the application called machine learning which enables analysis of massive quantities of data. The data runs through an AI algorithm and then produces a model. The model produced provides answers like a real human being.
Predictive analytics analyzes and applies statistical data, empowering the retailers with predictive insights through the surveillance using an artificial intelligence application.
Delivering a pleasant shopping experience to the consumer means to offer all kinds of payments across all channels, regardless of the cost.
Featured Vendors
Offers an effective financing tool that helps merchants drive incremental sales, operating over the VISA payment network, without any technical integration.
Counfreedise's retail and software solutions in e-commerce gives brands and distributors accurate sales data, accounts reconciliation and automated payments.
Develops payment solutions to automate retail operations.
CIO Viewpoint
Shekhar Chhajer, CIO, Southeast Asia, India and CoC Sales Overseas, Mercedes Benz
Real estate is another industry which can immensely benefit as investments made by home buyers are huge.
Ralf Schneider, CIO, Allianz Group
At the end of the day, you really need to scale the skills around technology and make them an integral part of the business.
CXO Insights
By Anna Cole, Director of E-Commerce Operations, User Experience and Merchandising, Carhartt
It was hard to believe that a machine could out-think a genius like Kasparov.
By Andy Weir, Executive General Manager, Bankwest Technology & Transformation
By providing the user an endless choice of instagramable selfies, retailers created a stage for their actor to star in and broadcast their brand story.