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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, May 28,2020

Feature of the Week

DispatchTrack's platform is a one of a kind all in one logistics and delivery toolkit designed for ecosystems that include physical storefronts, warehouses, drivers, and end customers  Read more
Medallia, a customer experience platform that scans online reviews, social media, and other sources to provide better insights into what a company is working on at present and what needs to be addressed  Read more
Financial leaders from consumer markets believe it may take at least six to twelve months for businesses to return to normal, while others think it could take years.  Read more
As customers' become more and more tangled with the digital world, most of the designers and brands focus on embracing the latest technologies to push the limits of manufacturing, production, and marketing.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Brian Scott, CIO, Experient  
Behavioral analytics will allow the event organizers of the future to continue to develop environments and experiences that drive business activity and customer loyalty for its participants.  Read more
By Savio Thattil, CIO & SVP of Technology, Sephora Americas  
To my mind, the top retail technology trend is mobile payments, and offering consumers greater optionality in how they pay, particularly with the advent of Apple Pay.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Sue Welch, CEO  
Bamboo Rose offers the only end-to-end product innovation platform that helps the retail community to discover, develop, and deliver products at consumer speed  Read more
By Ron Gerace, SVP, Product & Marketing  
Designs, builds, and operates customer engagement programs that use data-driven, personalized incentives to increase valuable customer behaviors  Read more
By Andrew Shelton, Founder & CEOJames Holt, Business Intelligence Director  
A data-driven marketing and technology solutions and services company that helps e-businesses boost bottom-line growth and profitability through actionable data intelligence  Read more

CXO Insights

By Jeff Zimmerman, COO, Clearent  
It's not just about accepting payments; it's also about tracking inventory, scheduling appointments,...  Read more
By Patrick Gauthier, Vice President, Amazon Pay [NASDAQ: AMZN]  
Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) were a major step forward, making it vastly easier for non-computer...  Read more