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May 23, 2019

Retail CIO Outlook Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Modern retailers have thoroughly acquainted with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Now, nearly 80 percent of online marketers and brick-and-mortar worldwide leverage IoT infrastructure.
The motto of business is growth. Retail is one of the most dynamic sectors today and offers a vast number of possibilities.
Social media is one approach businesses have to utilize to retain their spotlight. It can help them build a strong online reputation and following, as well as swell their online traffic.
Featured Vendors
Provides analytics-based scientific retail solutions though system integration.
Atlanta-based Response Media is dedicated to helping brands, retailers, and e-commerce providers understand, create, and maximize the value of CRM.
Provides a decentralized AI-powered predicitive platform on the blockchain that can predict consumer purchase behavior and help companies target customers with personalized offers.
CIO Viewpoint
Chad Ehmke, CIO, Sally Beauty Holdings
Omni-channel is not an "if", but a "when", and the quicker retailers start the transition process, the quicker they will be able deliver an integrated enterprise.
Sherif Mityas, CIO & CSO, TGI Fridays
AI can be a powerful addition to your organization if utilized in the right way and for the right reasons-its ability to support true "Personalization" for your consumers.
CXO Insights
By Alex Bordei, Director of Product and Development, Bigstep
More data speeds up the business decision by analyzing a multitude of key performance indicators and partly solves one of the core issues of offline retailers.
By Ray Lowrey, CTO, MV Transportation
In today's world, we have access to very advanced development and prototyping tools which provide software teams the ability to work collaboratively across multiple time zones.