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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, January 21,2021

Feature of the Week

Cloud point-of-sale tech typically needs relatively little initial cost; users can pay a monthly subscription fee instead. Since upgrades are automated and are performed by the POS company, no maintenance payments are needed either.  Read more
The POS system helps the companies process customer-facing transactions and increase the efficiency of the sales-related business processes  Read more
The eCommerce business relies on a tightly-integrated customer experience across each of the company’s assets. Customers can have the exact shopping experience regardless of where they buy, whether it’s through the website, the mobile app,  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Chad Lindbloom, CIO, C.H. Robinson  
TMS systems, particularly those that take advantage of cloud computing, are quickly becoming the technology of choice for shippers looking to secure that visibility.  Read more
By Jozo Džakula, CIO, Konzum  
Since connectivity became omnipresent, technology companies are seeking a way to connect everything to the Internet.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Charlene A. Lee Sun, VP of Sales  
ANSI Information Systems, Inc. was established in recognition of a growing need for innovative information systems to meet the increasing complexities in the retail and food business. ANSI’s WinVQP POS System is an internationally certified...  Read more
By Scott Zhang, CEO  
Ivida Smart Technologies Pty Ltd enables better customer experience for retailers to compete in the new digital smart retail era. The 2015 company has both HW and SW products such as Biz-In-Touch SaaS, Smart Hardware like Digital Signage, ESL, and...  Read more
By Ethan Cheung, CFO  
PAX Global provides Android-based POS services, thereby enhancing the versatility of payment services. Android, as an open-platform operating system, offers the much-needed versatility to bring together different kinds of payment methods such as...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Guido Gries, Managing Director, Dachser Americas  
By Stanley Lim, Head of Google Marketing Platforms Malaysia, Google  
The impetus for advance in programmatic maturity is perhaps as exciting as it is necessary because of...  Read more