5th Dimension Logistics Launches Intelligent Load Balancer for...

5th Dimension Logistics Launches Intelligent Load Balancer for Omni-Channel Merchants

By: Retail Cio Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: 5th Dimension Logistics, a provider of all-in-one online payment solution to help merchants in doing online payments has released an enhancement to its Intelligent Load Balancer to better support Omni-channel merchants.

The enhancement serves as transaction routing engine used in transaction via specific processors. The transaction is based on different unique payment methods which include interchange rates; security reserves; geographic locations; and processor outages. Besides reducing cross-border and foreign transaction fees, the new Intelligent Load Balancer allows merchants to minimize the impact of outages in the event of downtime by credit card processors. This leads to reduction in total payment transaction costs and the merchant is profited with no extra charge delivery of the functionality.

Intelligent Load Balancer help companies mitigate the risk associated with global processing and managing merchant account complexities. The enhancements include: BIN (Bank Identification Number) routing; geo-IP address routing and the ability to link multiple load balancing rules together. In addition to managing risk, merchants are able to lower their overall cost to process credit cards by understanding how fees are generated and minimizing them when possible.

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