The Future of Fashion with AI in Design

The Future of Fashion with AI in Design

By Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, May 30, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Designers are empowered with speed and innovation while creating show-stopping fashion designs, customizing draperies, catering to the customer demands, and performing alterations and adjustments. AI in fashion design has indeed stepped onto the ramp as a solution for brands, to gain a competitive edge.

With its transformative role, artificial intelligence (AI) has caught the eye of every sector due to its ability to research, experiment, innovate, and develop products. One of these sectors is the fashion retail sector. The fashion retail has undeniably accepted to embark on the journey of transformation towards AI in designing, merchandising, and selling clothes.


In the ever-demanding market, designers are always on the edge of their seats, trying to satisfy customer needs with bright and imaginative designs. The assistance of robot-design software can help creative beings to spin out a variety of models with AI-powered algorithms. These algorithms can learn from records, analyze the prior styles in fashion that gained high revenues, identify the popular colors, and understand customer recommendations. With the above factors in consideration, it can suggest a new design that goes with the current market.

Fault Detection

Inspection of fabric before and after the manufacturing ensures the quality of the goods. The repetitive and stress-oriented work can be allotted to AI. With AI, the inspection is carried out round the clock, and renewable energy levels will help the system to detect faults in the fabric via scanning. A considerable quantity can be scanned in very less time, enhancing production.

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AI can be applied in the transportation of fashion not only in the back-office logistics process but also allow the customers to identify, with a specific AI algorithm if the product is genuine or counterfeit. In the monitoring of transport vehicles to make the routes more efficient, AI is applied. 

Customer Experience

The advancement of technologies in AI at a breakneck pace has customers changing opinions at a pace never seen before. They are increasingly accustomed to personalization, and the traditional way of recommendations tailored to a customer has become outdated.

The fashion industry by leveraging AI in design is increasing the agility, sophistication, and productivity levels in creating designs and production. It has offered an enthralling customer experience and satisfaction simultaneously enhancing excellence in operation and cost savings. 

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