Appetize: Self-Service Kiosks Enhance Sales

Appetize: Self-Service Kiosks Enhance Sales

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Appetize, a modern point of sale and enterprise management platform has gained astounding results from its self service kiosk technology with a 40 percentage increase in its order size.

Appetize, a leading self service kiosk technology enterprise, has widened its customer base by adding Louisiana State University (LSU), AT&T Center, home of the San Antonio Spurs, and SSA (Service Systems Associates), food service provider for the Cincinnati Museum Center respectively to its list of customers.

The plethora of these astonishing results are pointing out that the interact self service platform of Appetize with innate upselling and cross selling functionalities has increased the chance of the customer to purchase more products through kiosk system than going for any other options.

The Kiosks have been bringing consistent results and exponential growth to the company in multiple areas such as attractions, education campuses, restaurants, and sports and entertainment facilities.

“We have been working with Appetize since 2017 and recently deployed kiosks to enhance our food service and offer a more convenient and frictionless experience for our students and guests,” said Matthew LaBorde, Assistant AD from LSU, one of the premier customers of Appetize.

The customers of Appetize unanimously say that they have gained huge profit through deploying the interact self service kiosks of the former and conveyed their satisfaction in providing frictionless purchasing experience to the customers.

The dynamic and digital experience being provided by Appetize is entirely new to the customers and they are showing a far more cohesive approach towards it.

The cloud-based self service platform of the Appetize, specifically designed to augment guest experience and increase staff productivity is giving instinctual output and suitable for both quick serve and retail environments.

The Kiosk reach of Appetize is growing in a rapid pace and the strive to bring innovation and cutting edge solutions to the multi faceted industrial sector has taken it to another level of point of sale technology.

The self- service ordering solution of the Appetize, interact, which easifies purchasing procedures has made it consumer friendly and became an eponym among the industries.

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