3 Dominant e-commerce marketing trends for 2020

3 Dominant e-commerce marketing trends for 2020

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

FREMONT, CA: As the number of smartphone users keeps on rising with each passing year, brick-and-mortar stores may soon succumb to e-commerce. E-commerce is changing the way people interact with their day-to-day requirements. In past years, modern payment methods have seen a significant increase. Shopping online has become a new favorite for people as they are now just a click away from buying products from all over the world, that too, without having to move an inch.

Sensing the vast impact e-commerce has in the minds of individuals, businessmen are now adopting new technologies and marketing trends to improve their e-commerce platforms.

Keeping this on mind, let us look at 3 trends that will dominate e-commerce in 2020:

Delivery to Become More Fast

The modern world is all about multitasking, which makes individuals value their time more than ever. Also, people seem to possess very little patience while shopping online. Hence, it becomes necessary for e-commerce businessmen to be able to make 'instant' deliveries.

Top 10 E Commerce Solution Companies - 2020Though the speed of delivery depends on multiple factors, such as time of order placement, location of consumers, location of warehouse, last-mile delivery, and stock-in-delivery, businessmen can take the help of modern technology to improve their last-mile software to achieve faster delivery.

Touch of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

The main differentiator between brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce is that the touch and feel experience that offline shopping provides- it is the sole gaining ground to brick-and-mortar stores. However, to fill the void, e-commerce is gradually turning to the prowess of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. In 2020 and the upcoming years, customers will be able to upload their pictures to the e-commerce mobile app and get an idea about how the clothing, makeup, or accessories would look on them. Such an experience can boost customers' interest in online shopping.

Subscription-based E-commerce

Honestly, online shopping is often a lot cheaper than offline shopping. Most of the online channels offer attractive deals and discounts throughout the whole year. The reduced cost of operation lowers the overhead cost of running a business, which gives an edge to an e-commerce businessman to make a profit even without squeezing some of the operational cost. On the other side, brick-and-mortar stores already suffer from high overhead cost ranging from land, power, and workers. The year 2020 will witness an upsurge in the subscription-based shopping for consumers who frequently buy the same products.

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