3 Interesting Ways to Improve the Shopping Experience

3 Interesting Ways to Improve the Shopping Experience

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, December 06, 2019

Here are the tech initiatives for retailers of any size to help improve the performance and delivery of customer service in this holiday season.

FREMONT, CA: Holiday shopping season has arrived, and stores have begun launching holiday deals. Customers are seemingly willing to make purchases, and their experiences can make or break peak season for any retailer. These customers are seeking a smooth and hassle-free experience, whether it may be in-store or online shopping. Moreover, holiday shopping historically has been full of friction resulting from long queues to product unavailability. Retailers can opt for technology to create a delightful shopping experience this holiday season and beyond. Let us navigate through the 3 exciting ways to enhance the shopping experience.

Leverage Mobile Technology

As once it was believed, mobile phones have faked the sayings that it can send brick-and-mortar retail to the graveyard. Smartphone-toting consumers use them to access the in-app discounts in the store. They obtain product information, gain loyalty credits, coupons, and more via their mobile phones.

According to a recent Cox Consumer Pulse study, 60 percent of shoppers preferred personalized, real-time discounts delivered to their mobile phone as it would improve the in-store shopping experience. These experiences topped AI-enabled payments and AR for trials using virtual product testing.Top CRM Solution Companies

Email Campaign

Although customers are increasingly using social media like Facebook, Instagram, and others, they check their mail inboxes too. Along with personalized in-store mobile deals, based on a survey, 77 percent of consumers prefer keeping up with their go-to shops’ latest offerings and specials through email. Therefore, retailers need to ensure that the emails they send are customized and give value to the recipient.

Frictionless Shopping

A new approach to attract consumers while gaining their loyalty is through availing friction-free shopping experience. As customers do not have the patience to stand in lines to make a purchase and are likely to shop elsewhere if the product they are looking for is not readily available. In that regard, retailers can follow the Walmart sales model that offers a frictionless experience for the buyers across e-commerce and in-store than others.

Not all retailers can scale innovation immediately without knowing what works at large and what would be feasible for a brand.

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