4 Ways to Benefit from Word-of-mouth Marketing

4 Ways to Benefit from Word-of-mouth Marketing

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Word of mouth marketing is a technique in which consumers become advertising agents and help spread information about the product to others.

FREMONT, CA: The use of online and offline marketing strategies is vital to make a business known and stand out. Social networks and traditional advertising media have enabled companies to develop attractive campaigns to make themselves known while consumers have access to a wide range of options when buying. However, consumers rely much more on the recommendations made by their family and friends, and that can have an impact on the purchase decision of a person. 

The objective of word of mouth marketing strategy is to make people talk about a business or brand and highlight the advantages of what it offers. This form of advertising can give more sales than other types of advertising as it has an echo effect.

Polishing a brand's image in the digital space will help gain reassurance and visibility for its prospects, which will benefit sales and an increase in productivity.

Here are four ways to benefit from word-of-mouth marketing:

Active Social Network

It is essential to realize the importance of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the company, in managing a brand's e-reputation. To encourage word of mouth, post content regularly on the business pages, encourage the community to interact and share the posts to increase their impact. Ask questions, invite to debate, organize live chat, and publish polls to encourage online reviews.

Organize Honest Campaigns

Trust is a long process, and once established, it can generate unprecedented gains. False advertising and false promises will pull a business down. It is essential to focus on the objectives and problems of the customers and provide them with answers. Emphasize on being useful, share experiences, and give actual advice. 

Reach out to an Influencer

An influencer is usually a very active person on the social network who has a large number of subscribers or visitors to his blog. The audience of influencers are very receptive to the latter’s recommendations and relies on their opinion. Hence this type of go-between is very beneficial for brands and businesses. 

Build Loyalty with Existing Customers

More than half of small to medium enterprises choose their marketing strategy on the feedback given by their customers. This is to get their existing customers to relate their experiences and express their satisfaction as much as possible. By listening to former customers and by continually reactivating them through communication channels like newsletters, social networks, phone calls, and improving offers, will help promote digital recommendations.

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