6 Benefits of Digital Gift Cards CIOs Should Know to Accelerate...

6 Benefits of Digital Gift Cards CIOs Should Know to Accelerate their Sales

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, October 04, 2019

Digital gift cards help the retail companies in enhancing their sales simultaneously controlling the cost of their marketing campaigns

FREMONT, CA: The use of digital gift cards has become a trend with the rise in mobile technology and marketing. Digital gift cards work similar to regular gift cards. However, these cards are emailed to the concerned person only. A copy of the digital gift is also sent to the purchaser to confirm that the gift card is sent. Since digital gift cards cannot be replaced if stolen or lost, they are supposed to be treated like cash, just like regular gift cards.

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In the case of digital gift cards, a code is emailed to the purchaser. Depending on the retailer, the consumer can use that code online or in the store. The purchaser needs to read the detailed terms carefully for every gift card in order to find the areas where the digital card will be accepted as well as to know the way to redeem it.

Marketers, sales teams, and multiple agencies are trying to build their brand loyalty by using digital gift cards. Businesses are also making use of these gift cards to provide incentives to their employees with cash, experiential, and other kinds of rewards.

The following are some ways the retail companies can use digital gift cards to benefit their customer engagement strategy.

1. Increasing membership programs and building loyalty

Characteristics like versatility and convenience of digital gift cards make them perfect for membership programs. By giving tangible rewards like gift cards, it is easy for a marketer to build customer loyalty. However, digital gift cards lift the perceived value of membership and are used by enterprises to reward their employees.

The retail company can appeal to more members from all the demographic groups by offering more rewards and benefits from a wide range of merchants.

2. Cost control

Digital gift card programs are very cheap to deploy. These programs enable companies to reward their employees without incurring any cost of physical printing and delivery. Moreover, stock control risks can also be reduced.

Digital gift card campaigns can be conducted quickly in less time, as physical printing and delivery needs are entirely eradicated.

3. Availability and security

Digital gifts are versatile tools for a mobile marketing campaign as they are easily accessible. It can be used throughout the lead-to-sale process on mobile, first by fetching new leads or prompting the customers to spend, and then serving them as a tool to make the payment either online or in-store. This provides great convenience to the customers.

4. Real-time digital delivery

Digital gift cards have the advantage of getting delivered online instantly, which is good news for last-minute shoppers. Digital cards attract the leads and prospects as they can be delivered quickly to mobile devices as well as can be stored on phones so that consumers can use them regardless of time and place.

Digital gift cards act as complementary tools that uplift the value of the brand by enabling the consumers to redeem offers and benefits immediately.

5. Keep a check on behavior and campaigns

Digital gift cards provide huge potential for creating a comprehensive customer database. These cards can be put into use for collecting information on purchase behavior, for tracking conversion rates, and for obtaining accurate metrics. It enables the marketers to allocate data on both the sender and recipient as well as use the information for refining and personalizing future promotions.

6. Increasing sales and promoting brand awareness

One digital gift card serves both the sender and recipient. These gift cards help in enhancing sales by generating new leads. Unique add-ons like buy-one-get-one-free campaigns tempt the customers to spend more both on gifts as well as self-use.

Digital gift cards are highly effective by nature as they are cross-promotional tools. The businesses, by offering multiple benefits and rewards that are complementary to its product or service, can increase the appeal of its product or service among the customers as well as enhance the brand image.

Digital gift cards are thus an awesome tool for promotional use. It will definitely fetch huge revenues to the companies in the future because of its instant feature. 

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