6 Strategies to Increase the Security of your Store

6 Strategies to Increase the Security of your Store

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, September 19, 2019

Retailers must always be aware of the loss due to shoplifting, and they should apply strategies to prevent theft and scammers. One of the most successful ways of preventing theft and loss of money is investing in technology.

FREMONT, CA: Nowadays, internet security is making headlines, but it is equally important to take care of physical security, especially for a retail store. Theft in a retail store is a huge problem, as these shoplifters are not only determined but also skilled and hard to catch. At retail stores, there is always a massive amount of money at stake because of the number of products kept over there. The store owners must evaluate the effectiveness of their policies and security systems at regular intervals. If necessary, the owners must also consider updating their security systems to regulate theft and increase customer experience.

Fortunately, in these recent years, security technologies have been continuously improving, and the options that were out of reach even a few years ago, have now become more affordable. With the present techniques, it is a good time for retail stores to update their systems. Here are some of the best practices that the store managers can follow to secure the safety of their stores.

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Do not Hide the Security Camera

Hidden cameras may be suitable for some areas, but when it is about preventing shoplifters, the visible security cameras work as the best deterrent. Cameras act not only as a useful restriction method but also a way to catch thieves and scams. Cameras must be able to capture wide areas including corners of the shop so that any suspected thief can be kept an eye on.

The surveillance systems that can record are even better, as the security personnel and the retail owner can take a look at the records at any time and also keep track of the date and time. Some retailers set their surveillance systems to keep video recordings up to several weeks or months so that they can have a look at it whenever necessary.

2. Check for Counterfeit Money

To prevent fake currency from entering a business, it is recommended to check for counterfeits regularly. Owners can also start using currency counting machines, examine the security features on bills, and even counterfeit money detectors that use ultraviolet and magnetic detection technology for reliable and fast checking.

3. Display Visible Security Signs

The easiest way to let visitors know that the store is protected against thieves is by having signs in the retail location, stating that the shop has its security measures in place, helping them prosecute thieves. While putting up posters, the owner must remember that symptoms are not to intimidate any of the customers but to discourage the scammers from committing a crime.

4. Implement Internal Loss Prevention Control

Instead of hiring new employees, the retail stores can have a mechanical system that will review the cash handling transaction taking place. The software can also keep track of the inventory and let other employees know that the company holds the record for items that are available in the store, from the time they arrive until they are sold.

5. Empower Employees

If the store has a written policy, it will become more comfortable for the employees to understand the things they must do if they ever suspect a shoplifter. Retail shops must educate their teams on thieves, and the actions they must take that will reduce the risk of getting robbed. Some retail thieves may come as employees so there must also be a strict policy for the employees so that if any such things happen, necessary actions can be taken against them.

6. Invest in the Right Systems

The video surveillance will allow keeping a watch on every area of the store and backroom, which will allow retailers to detect thieves. If there is no security system in the retail store, and any owner is experiencing inventory loss, then they must immediately put up a surveillance system. The cameras will work hard the entire day and keep a track on the videos, which will help retail stores to learn about the goods and the measures that are to be taken to increase the security.

Many retail thefts happen when the shops are closed so owners must be careful and protect their premise. With the right system, unusual activities at the store can be detected and intimate the right authorities before it is too late.

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