A Futuristic Approach for the Growth of E-Commerce

A Futuristic Approach for the Growth of E-Commerce

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Major tech companies like Google and Facebook invest a lot of their time and expenses in the development of their algorithms, for improving their SEO and selling strategies. SEO trends are ever-evolving, and it demands that all e-commerce businesses work towards adjusting to these changes.

The e-commerce businesses should employ voice search mechanism, as a smart SEO solution, to structure the website content for answering potential questions posed by the users. The voice search software of Alexa, Siri, and Cortana has become an undeniable part of peoples’ lives and has made interaction over web portals easier and more accessible. Companies should also adopt ways of obtaining snippets. This requires the users to utilize relevant keywords in their searches and provides for the highest search results for any query.

Improving the brand name and ratings of the e-commerce stores should also be on their to-do list. The process of link-building is essential for e-commerce store owners to promote their marketing agenda. This process further goes on to build brand relationships with the website owners and bloggers. It also helps to attract more visitors to their websites. These brands should also urge toward building strategic partnerships with similar undertakings, to improve their brand profile and generate more links. Google stresses on the value of user experience for the success of any e-commerce websites. There are better ratings on sites that are user-friendly, simple, and load fast. The users should also be able to comprehend and understand the contents of the site, which can improve its ratings. The e-commerce portals should provide a consistent and hassle-free experience to their users when accessed through both mobiles and desktops. Google has suggested the use of Mobile First Indexing to make mobiles as the primary version for access. The RankBrain software of Google is also functional in providing the most accurate search results, via its ML and AI technology, to process and organize search results.

Another concern that the e-commerce stores need to combat with is to ensure their website security. Users prefer using websites with HTTPS or a green, secure sign to make sure their information is safe and protected. The businesses should work toward providing a high degree of security to their websites to offer safe browsing.

These measures are constructive and rewarding in making e-commerce businesses achieve greater heights in the years to come. They will not only help the companies to grow and succeed but also provide a better and safer experience to the visitors.

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