Blockchain-Backed Retailing: New Era of Shopping!

Blockchain-Backed Retailing: New Era of Shopping!

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Blockchain has revolutionized every sector and is expected to be the next big technology that will fundamentally change the retail industry.  

FREMONT, CA: Blockchain is now emerging as the retailer's technology to transform and optimize the retail value chain. The potential of blockchain is immense, and it establishes a strong bond of faith between customers and retailers and within the whole retail supply chain. Adopting technologies and tools that promote consumers' confidence in the retail brand might be obligatory in the near future. Many retailers are taking the necessary steps to understand how blockchain can improve their business.

Blockchain helps retailers overcome predicted challenges in the area of consumer experience and mitigate operational costs. The application of blockchain technology for bitcoin as virtual currency is popularly known. Blockchain has the potential to transform the way individuals and businesses interact. It can modify the way that companies collaborate, provide transparency of methods, and ensure sustainability and productivity of the economy.

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Blockchain reinvents the customer experience and also offer consumer-facing opportunities to enhance the shopping experience. The advanced technology provides end-to-end transparency in the source of origin for ingredients and products. It helps in fraud prevention and inhibits counterfeit goods from reaching the market. Digital wallets based on the blockchain can be designed to centrally manage all reward cards, loyalty points and paper, and digital coupons. Blockchain provides real-time liquidity to consumers, making loyalty points easily transferable between consumers and across retailers, stores, and brands.

Blockchain facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of exchanging value or data. These cryptocurrencies offer substantial advantages for both cross-border payments and micro-payments. It can be an engaging proposition in a business context where people have a large number of global transactions. The end-to-end data trail offered by blockchain has the potential to alleviate the accounting and finance difficulties in retail organizations, in the fields of supply chain and inventory management

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