Can Ecommerce UX Explode Sales

Can Ecommerce UX Explode Sales

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 08, 2020

User experience is one of the biggest aspects of increasing the retailer's revenue. But more often than not, numerous small business owners leave user experience up to chance.

Fremont, CA: User experience (UX) is how customers feel about their interactions with a website, company values, product, and team. In other words, it is how people feel when they engage with any part of the business. But UX is an overlooked aspect of eCommerce stores. Companies invest thousands of dollars into Facebook ads, design, and product research. After all that work and money invested into getting traffic, they often fail to realize that their conversion rates are not going as high as they would hope. This problem starts with poor user experience. It impacts the visitors, customers, and business.

Create a Clean, and Clear Homepage

Retailers only get about half a second to make a first impression. The website's homepage is the first thing the users will see when they come across the site, and it is usually the page that gets maximum traffic. It is crucial to make it look clean, uncluttered, and have a clear purpose. Therefore, making the site put excellent first impression is by using a simple, minimal design, emphasizing elements that make an impact like the recent blog posts, and sticking to a consistent color scheme.

Top 10  E-commerce Consulting/Service Companies - 2019Easy Navigation for Users 

Think about how a customer would feel wandering in a store with no signage showing where the things are. Or what if there were signs with arrows pointing in all directions. It is most likely that the customer will end up leaving empty-handed and confused. A customer visiting a site might feel the same way. When they enter, they want to know where they can go without feeling overloaded. Thus a retailer can use visual cues like color contrast and arrows to draw attention to the call to action, divide products into different categories with columns and sidebars, always includes a search bar for the ones knows what they want, and use familiar words when labeling to keep the navigation user-friendly.

Welcome Mats to Showcase a Product

Similar to a popup, a fullscreen welcome mat is an option that slides over the entire page. It draws the visitors' attention to the retailer's best products or offers. In doing so, it has been proven to increase conversions by up to 80 percent.

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