Checkpoint Systems Launches HALO IoT Platform, Gives Boost to...

Checkpoint Systems Launches HALO IoT Platform, Gives Boost to Retail Tech

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, February 12, 2019

IoT PlatformCheckpoint Systems, a division of CCL Industries the only vertically integrated solution provider for retail has announced the launch of the HALO IoT platform. The platform is designed to meet the requirement of fast pace retail stores to keep up with consumer demand for popular brands and specific fast-moving SKU’s. It is uniquely differentiated by its intelligent, action-centric functions. HALO provides increased efficiency in reduced time by expediting shipping and receiving processes at every step in the supply chain.

“Throughout the supply chain and in-store HALO auto-generates associate alerts enabling enhanced productivity in receiving, back stocking and restocking high-demand products to capture maximum sales conversions and highest profit margins.” said Phil Fisher, product manager, HALO.

Every connected sensor in a retailer's supply chain, the HALO platform captures data events, which is then stored, processed and analyzed to deliver actionable insights viewed via the HALO portal. This enables viewing of relevant key events, informed decision making, and drive tasks that will enhance process and performance.

Checkpoint provides a multitude of intelligent retail solutions and the astute HALO platform that can track and protect all types of consumer goods. Supported by Microsoft Azure, one of the world's leading cloud provider, these solution sets are easy to implement, agile, secure and cost-effective. The current software modules include

•    Store inventory management
•    Store operations
•    Distribution center solutions
•    Supply chain control
•    Omnichannel
•    Consultation services

Checkpoint Systems has been working side by side with retailers for the last fifty years. It is potent in deploying several connected retail solutions for different applications and environments.

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