Cloud-to-Edge Solutions and the Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud-to-Edge Solutions and the Future of Cloud Computing

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Cloud computing has spread its wings in every corner of online activities. SaaS generates most of the cloud computing market’s revenue. According to a research by Statista, the public cloud computing market will enjoy a huge leap from $175.8 billion in 2018 to $278.3 billion in 2021. The recent aggrandizement of AI is leading cloud computing to a new age. Security is the main focus of the cloud platform. The proper deployment of AI in cloud space can perfectly address this need.

Iguazio has announced its partnership with Google Cloud to ensure the advent of real-time AI in the cloud space. Iguazio is a provider of serverless platform ensuring intelligent applications. The collaboration of Iguazio’s Cloud-to-Edge solution and Google Cloud is going to address a plethora of problems that the industries come across. Cloud-to-Edge solution unfailingly develops and tests software in the cloud and deploys it. It helps in real-time analysis and automatically helps in moving data to the cloud and the edge. Iguazio’s serverless platform is powered by Nuclio framework. It reduces users’ tension about the server and storage. Nuclio accumulates data before sending it to the cloud, and thus, it helps to reduce the bandwidth constraints.

Trax is making a partnership with Iguazio to make the connectivity with Google cloud sounder. Trax provides an image recognition system including shelf-mounted cameras to help the retail industry. Previously, Trax announced a partnership with Google. This partnership was aimed to make a pairing between Trax Shelfie Cameras and Google Cloud and Edge computing capabilities to provide time-sensitive data. Retailers were enabled to deploy Trax Retail Watch SaaS solution and Google cloud to increase shelf availability and to better shopper experience.

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Iguazio’s integrated platform includes a small appliance. This has to be installed on location for the task of immediate data processing. It establishes connectivity with Google’s Cloud IoT Core platform to send accumulated information to the cloud for ensuring deep learning and central control. Under this partnership, Iguazio’s solution will leverage Kubernetes and microservices which will be helpful to shift workload to the edge. This partnership will play an essential role in the future of cloud services. It will offer the industries a chance to manage data in an effective way.

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