Convenient Payment Solutions for Cross-Border Businesses

Convenient Payment Solutions for Cross-Border Businesses

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, February 28, 2019

In order to run an online business successfully, payments must be processed safely and reliably. Payment Service Providers (PSPs) enable businesses to accept payments electronically and manage transactions between buyers and sellers, usually by credit card or bank transfer. This significantly reduces the costs of integrating and processing different payment methods. Traders benefit from services such as risk management, reporting, or fraud protection and are also relieved from the card industry’s safety challenges. In addition, the PSPs provide the opportunity to transact with multiple currencies.

Oceanpayment, a professional global payment service provider, aims to provide secure, swift, specialized, and simple payment solutions for merchants carrying out cross-border businesses such as e-commerce, online games, and online travel. The one-stop solution from the company will help its users have an effective payment journey.

The company helps e-commerce traders to expand and grow by means of a customized approach for every target market. Oceanpayment offers advanced gateway technology, advanced risk management, and reporting and a variety of payment channels combined with a single payment solution.

Recently, Oceanpayment signed an agreement with the Discover Financial Services subsidiary, Diners Club International. This deal will enable Oceanpayment dealers worldwide to accept Diners Club Network cards.


Discover Financial Services is one of the best-known brands in the financial services landscape in the U.S. The company creates more rewarding solutions that connect people to trade. The Discover Network allows cards to be accepted by millions of companies and cash access points.

As cross-border e-commerce continues to grow, merchants seek ways to grow their business and increase sales by reaching more customers worldwide. Oceanpayment works with travel, entertainment, retail, dining, and many other industries, offering its customers their preferred method of payment.


With more than 500 payment methods on one platform, Oceanpayment enables users to convert more sales by offering customers a wide range of payment methods and reducing the operating costs of working with different payment providers. They also offer professional payment solutions to their clients with advanced fraud detection tools and a robust risk management system. This allows enterprises to reduce risk and costs, and increase their revenues.

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