Conversity is Expanding into the North American market

Conversity is Expanding into the North American market

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, September 04, 2020

Conversity has announced its expansion into the North American market with the appointment of Brad Christian as its Global Chief Customer Officer.

FREMONT, CA: Conversity, a British retail technology company, has announced its expansion into the North American market with the appointment of Brad Christian as the Global Chief Customer Officer. This achievement was possible after many years of continuous success with retail and telco clients in the UK.

The leading service offered by Conversitys is intelligent guided selling (IGS) software. This technology simplifies the online customer's journey by elevating and analyzing the customer data and implementing dynamic search, recommendation, and segmentation logic. The information is then filtered into a small number of related, real-time product recommendations that will help consumers make complicated purchases with ease.

Furthermore, Brad Christian has almost 25 years of experience in global sales and service.  He has also cooperated with a wide range of brands to enhance business results with the considerate application of products, services, analytics, and technology. Before joining Conversity, he has spent 14 years as Chief Customer Officer at Market Force Information.

According to Brad, "I am delighted to be joining Conversity at this pivotal time in our growth trajectory. The rapid migration to e-commerce has been powerful to witness. Our intelligent guided selling platforms capitalize on this growing trend and serve as a competitive differentiator for our clients. It has been truly validating to see the adoption of the service across our UK client base. I am excited at the prospect of both working with our existing clients to optimize their journeys for maximum ROI, while introducing the offering to those brands who have not yet been made aware of the significant value we provide in terms of helping brands personalize their e-commerce platforms, drive higher conversion rates and uncover greater strategic insight from their customers."

Haj Muntz, Chief Executive Officer of Conversity said, "Brad has a wealth of experience in Conversitys core markets and a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing our clients today as they look to flourish in a rapidly changing retail environment." "This understanding, combined with a natural commercial acumen, will be instrumental to our success as we continue to expand our global client base. Conversitys ability to hire a well-known industry veteran is a testament to the opportunity in front of us."



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