DataMax's Envoy 8 Enhances Retail Management by Incorporating...

DataMax's Envoy 8 Enhances Retail Management by Incorporating Modern Technology

By Retail Cio Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

ROUND ROCK, TX: DataMax Group, a provider of convenience store back office software, announces the availability of its latest version of retail management platform, Envoy 8 to help retailers align store operations as well as enhance profits by utilizing multiple tools.

“Envoy 8 not only encapsulates all business rules of prior Envoy products, it also adds new features and business rules, and provides a future proof platform for the rapid and constant change today’s convenience store management teams require,” says Lee Pennington, President & CEO, DataMax.

Envoy 8 helps convenience store owners to focus on real-time store activity by using fast and customizable sales data analysis. The analyzed data will be used to structure targeted sales with the new advanced promotion manager module and price book. The new software also can push the special and selected price through store social channels like Facebook and Twitter to reach out the customers and promote specific items.

“The new version leverages the latest technology to focus on better integration of data sources, faster processing speeds and a completely new and innovative set of marketing tools in a new Advanced Promotions Manager module,” says Peter Jackson, VP, Engineering, DataMax.

Datamax’s Envoy 8 simplifies the retail process by understanding as well as analyzing Big Data to maximize profits. The determined analysis by Envoy 8 is based on pivot grids, on-demand graphing and user-definable reports. All the analysis can be handled from one control point for entire retail operations. DataMax’s ‘blueprint and build’ process will be attached to the software to integrate with other existing software on a plug-and-play basis.

Additionally, the Envoy 8 introduces various capabilities such as: user defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), dashboards, system wide as well as personal reports; integrated with modern technology including all business rules; ability to have control for operations through workflow; physical inventory tracking that includes report by item; multiple languages, currencies and taxes; and controlling allowable variance through defines exceptions.

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