Digital Signage to Revolutionize the Retail Experience

Digital Signage to Revolutionize the Retail Experience

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Digitalizing the business by enhancing personalization and leveraging artificial intelligence will increase CRM, and thereby increase the growth of the retail industry.

FREMONT, CA: Starting from shopping malls to airports or restaurants, digital signage is offering more than traditional static messages. Digital signage and screens are becoming the most valuable and impactful pieces of content, which is highly appreciated by consumers. Visual designs focus on shaping and improving the user experience by considering the effects of illustrations, photography, layout, and much more. As the digital signage continuously evolves, the consumers get to know where the digital signage market is heading. Nowadays, shoppers are hungry for a more memorable experience. Consumers, from all around, feel that the digital signage placed at stores should be additive to their experience rather than being a mere distraction. It is very evident that visuals play a vital role in grasping the content other than content description. The users will get a better experience and help them to easily understand, making the engagement platform more interesting and exciting.

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Here are some of the trends retailers need to know about the emerging technologies in digital signage.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a stranger to us. 2019 is a year where organizations and consumers are witnessing more AI and machine learning in action. Almost everything we use is either fully automated or semi-automated. Marketing organizations are embracing AI, which helps the enterprises perform their functions. AI technology is becoming more advanced that users benefit a lot from using them. AI assistants, AI-powered recruiting tools, voice search AI, chatbots, and virtual agents make the day of consumers. One of the best benefits of AI is its ability to gather data, provide information, which helps organizations to sharpen plans. Apart from that, AI provides opportunities for personalizations and interactivity.

2. Interactivity

Interactivity, a topic that has to be mentioned while talking about digital signage and screen display. The interactivity brings empowerment to the consumers. In-store interactivity helps consumers browse products and features or inquire about out of stock items. As more advanced digital signage benefits from interactivity, the idea is only now becoming popular. Restaurants are classified as one of the businesses that profit from interactivity.

3. Touchscreen innovation

Touchscreen has been incorporated into most devices today. With touch sensors for larger display formats available at lower prices, it is ideal for digital signage. Interactive applications are operated by common gestures. These can be employed at the point of sale, where virtual shelves can expand the range of products on site. This can be used as an interactive shop window after closing hours as well.

4.  High Personalization

The experienced digital customer expects the organizations to know what they want and expect from the business. This is where the element of personalization pops up. Customers expect the best for them, and it is the duty of retailers to present it before them. Personalization is increasing, and it is never a diminishing concept. More and more businesses and consumers embrace digital signage technology and implement it in their store. This provides customers with a more efficient and personalized purchasing platform.

A rapid expansion of the digital signage market is being observed. Both large and small retailers deploy this in their business, which helps them enhance business growth. It helps customers find a new perspective of shopping and increase their interest while purchasing. The future of digital marketing is definitely transforming with new technologies. 

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