Dignius and ChannelAdvisor Collaborate to Help Online Retailers Expand

Dignius and ChannelAdvisor Collaborate to Help Online Retailers Expand

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The new strategic partnership between Diginius and ChannelAdvisor opens new branding opportunities for retailers.

FREMONT, CA: Based in the UK, Diginius is a provider of proprietary software and has strategically collaborated with Channel Advisor, which is a renowned ecommerce platform based on cloud technology. This partnership of ChannelAdvisor and Diginius would help brands and retailers attain wider brand visibility and global reach. The integration also helps in cutting costs maximize revenue gains. The platform also combines performance, delivery, and customer data from hundreds of global marketplaces. These insights further provide brands and retailers with actionable value in an understandable format that can found better business decision making.

This alliance aims at rapidly transforming the business landscape for the retailers and change the way product data is perceived, and inventory management is implemented. Further, it also focuses on building a unified platform and enables global business flow with ease. The integration of both brands makes way for simplifying the business experience and branding criticalities, thereby, establishing complete brand transparency.

The solution offered by the collaboration of Diginius and ChannelAdvisor shall help the world of retail business to gear up and rethink their traditional or unstructured processes and replace or transfigure them with practical, real-time ones that support informed decision making, and speedy performance.

Diginius allows organisations to optimize their online marketing strategies and reap for maximum benefit, impact, progress, and result. The proprietary Diginius Insight software combines performance data from multiple platforms and formats into a single reporting console. This further adds to the efforts of strengthening visibility and cut costs pertaining to the digital advertisement. The company’s partnership with ChannelAdvisor is sure to maximize sales by illustrating branding techniques that are enormously fruitful.

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