Google Launches New Cloud Solutions for Retailers

Google Launches New Cloud Solutions for Retailers

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, August 05, 2020

The cloud services Google will provide are growing in demand as Amazon's competitors are looking for more cloud solutions other than AWS

Fremont, CA: Focusing its cloud services on different professions and industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services, Google also has the retail sector on its list. With the announcement of several updated services, Google has put the focus on offering retail-oriented cloud services.

The announcements are related to particular editions of already existing services with the addition of a few new things as well. Google's existing services like Google Cloud API Management, Google Cloud Search, and Google Cloud Anthos have been improved to target retailers by offering better product search results in retail applications and enable retailers to plan and manage their best shopping days.

Retailers who are focusing on modernizing their stores, including both infrastructures and operations, are the primary target audience for the updates of the services. Apart from providing better services, Google also plans on expanding its customer programs by making them more readily available, like the Retail Acceleration Program and the Customer Reliability Engineering service.

In terms of new services, Google Cloud 1:1 Engagement for Retail will help retailers build data-driven solutions at less up-front costs. It will enable retailers to leverage Google's massive data platform to introduce personalization and recommendation models to their apps. Thus, helping them better understand their customers and engage them on a deeper level.

Additionally, Google is also introducing a buy optimization and demand forecasting service designed to help retailers improve their logistics operations through better planning and more efficient execution.

More verticals are expected to scale up, along with introducing new programs and services by Google in the retail space.

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