Hackathon to Encourage Crypto Products Development

Hackathon to Encourage Crypto Products Development

By Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, April 04, 2019

The latest announcement from CoinList was that the company is trying to make CoinList Build into a product to help developers; the new product aims to extend the company’s community via hackathons. So far, 50 blockchain teams have made use of CoinList to raise $450 million. The company is constantly evolving to support the maturing industry. The new product will allow the crypto companies to put together online hackathons in very less time. The first hackathon will take place with 0x; it is a peer to peer exchange protocol for Ethereum-based tokens. CoinList is avidly known as a backend solution for functioning token sales.  Traditionally, hackathons have been in-person events, but online contest also seems to be feasible.

The 0x team has built a prodigious developer infrastructure, and their regulations support many independent businesses by allowing the trading of in-game items, traditional financial assets, and more. To attract developers to take part in the event, 0x is giving $50,000 worth of tokens in the prize. CoinList did not reveal the amount of revenue that is expected to be generated from the event; Andy Bromberg, CoinList's president stated that the revenue prospect is still under discussion and the majority of the money will be going to the participants. Following the event of 0x, the company is trying to work with many crypto-industry companies to run similar hackathon events; the company expects every single team in the space to start bringing in developers. The event by 0x is dubbed as “Bringing Decentralized Markets to the Masses.” Broom berg told CoinDesk that the product that they are looking into must be good for decentralized finance, compliance, and gaming, it must also include applications for non-fungible tokens.  

0x will present $10000 grand prize, community choice award of $7.500, and finalists of all three categories will receive $2500. Participants who submit their projects will receive $100 in ZRX token. The participants will present before a panel of judges who have been divided based on their expertise. Product designs include Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt and Tinder’s Jeff Morris, compliance includes Georgia Quinn from CoinList and Katherin Wu from Messari, Gaming includes Nick Tomaino, an investor at 1confirmation and OpenSea’s Devin Finzer. Joel Monegro from Placeholder will also serve as a judge.  

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