How AI Drives Business Decision-Making

How AI Drives Business Decision-Making

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, November 15, 2019

A pioneer in analytics is delivering advanced functionalities to support transparency by using AI.

FREMONT, CA: SAS has enhanced its AI solution that will help businesses improve efficiency and quickly realize value with automation. The updated SAS platform delivers advanced functionality, including automated data management, automated ML, and cutting-edge interpretability features, emphasizing SAS' commitment, making AI transparent and accessible for all. SAS® Viya® on the SAS platform offers the most advanced AI and high-level analytics techniques accessible to data scientists and business users.

SAS® Viya® offers an intelligent process to automate various manual and sophisticated steps required for data transformations and to build ML models. SAS automates the analytics life cycle, beginning from data wrangling to algorithm preference and feature engineering. The software produces a visual pipeline to eradicate the black box to add a layer of transparency for automation. Via natural language generation, results will be displayed in easily understood business terms, and after one model is finalized, it can be implemented with a single click. To decentralize AI solutions, the automated modeling process uses a REST API, helping developers in personalizing business applications whilst using SAS Analytics. Users can embed open source code and increase their analysis with SAS, efficiently offering a truly open experience.

SAS is a leader in analytics software and services and is the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Via innovative solutions, SAS helps its customers improve performance, delivering value by making better decisions quicker. SAS aims to transform a world of data into a unique world of intelligence. The company wants to imagine a world where everyone can make more reliable decisions, grounded in trusted data, and assisted by the power and scale of SAS® Analytics. SAS strongly believes that when decisions are taken at the right moment, advancements are set in motion, and the world moves forward.

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