How Artificial Intelligence is Assisting Retail Industry by...

How Artificial Intelligence is Assisting Retail Industry by Predicting Prices

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, February 07, 2019

Artificial IntelligenceAI has the potential to become a necessity for everyday life and retail is no exception. Artificial Intelligence is being used as a smart technique for predicting human behavior in the retail sector. Retailers are able to provide their customers to the tiniest detail possible, by using technology to improve their business operations. These predictions play a highly significant role in analyzing market trends, discovering new avenues, and unlocking new opportunities.

Dynamic Pricing

Machine learning is used by hotel management to explore pricing that matches their supply and demand. This could help hotels to maximize their profits by predicting an increase or decrease in bookings and offering the price that customers are willing to pay based on their demographics and the time of year.

Understanding market forces

AI works on the principle of ‘predictive analysis’ which provides market predictions for better products and prices. Data analytics is used to leverage crucial data and use them for numerous purposes. Predictive analysis of AI can help retailers take data-backed decisions. This informed decision making, in turn, helps the organization to understand market forces create more sales.

The major advantage of AI is its capability to track buying trends and determine accurate and competitive product prices.

Identifying patterns: Analytics software and AI techniques can untangle data patterns and reveal potential pricing gaps and opportunities. This information is used to offer targeted choices that have an enhanced likelihood of product purchase.

Algorithmic operations: After discovering the patterns, analytics software creates algorithms that help in the price determination process. With this information, retailers decide their price according to their volume goals.

Rationalization of Inventory

AI-powered retail applications identify gaps and forecast inventory to place orders. This helps in reducing excess stock buildup, making retail more efficient. AI applications can identify products that are likely to be stocked in excess based on their historical tendencies, and prevent them from building up.

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