How can Adoption of Gamification lead to Brand Engagement?

How can Adoption of Gamification lead to Brand Engagement?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 16, 2020

Gamification is an evolving trend among the companies today for enhancing customers and employee engagement and making the user experience more valuable.

Fremont, CA: Gamification has grown substantially in the past few years by driving business objectives and motivating people through data. With the help of diverse principals from design, psychology, and behavioral economics, gamification has the potential to engage customers and employees with the brand. It involves a situation where one gets some reward for the desired action and then has the option to use the reward for a prize or privilege. Gamification implements game elements like rewards, badges, competition, and leaderboards, with the probability to level up in any situation. There are three primary emotions to be evoked for gamification to work, motivation, trigger, and ability. In an everyday situation, it works perfectly as it plays on every human motivation, like being rewarded, driving to explore, fear of missing out, and competing with peers. It also breaks down massive tasks into smaller actions and enhances an individual’s sense of ability to carry them out.

In 2019, gamified experiences were noticed anywhere the companies wanted to drive others to complete an action that they wanted. This was generally seen in mobile applications and customer loyalty programs but was also the reason behind employee performance and satisfaction.

Maintaining employee satisfaction and engagement high is not an easy task; therefore, competitions and games can act as a motivator in almost any work environment. For instance,, like it has a bad reputation in employee satisfaction in its warehouses. Amazon has incorporated games for repeated tasks like packing boxes, these activities were executed in a virtual environment, and the employees were awarded on the basis of speed and quantity.

Gamification can also be used in coding, fitness or weight loss, transformative learning journeys to get a huge success. Applications such as Code Academy, Duolingo, and Noom, and its gamified progress have allowed millions of people to engage better and learn more.

It is not much to say that gamification can improve customer relationships and engagement by making the journey more game-like and less like a purchase.

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