How Can CRM Make Marketing Easier in Retail Industry?

How Can CRM Make Marketing Easier in Retail Industry?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, October 21, 2019

The retail industry is now making use of technologies, such as CRM, to check out whatever they were missing out on and make huge savings with several money-making tools.

FREMONT, CA: Customer relationship management (CRM) in retail can enhance customer satisfaction, bring down the costs, and boost the company’s performance in the market. CRM software takes care of the relationships with an individual customer to build better benefits for both parties. To pick the apt software and make sure it includes the features needed, companies have to learn how CRM works and how it affects the retail operations.


CRM helps companies collect information concerning each of the customers, including preferences and demographic data. It makes such data available to fragment the market and personalize the approach to every group of customers. It means, if a company finds a large number of young families in one part, they can generate a family-friendly retail environment altogether. In case the data shows that there are seniors, then the brand can install ramps for wheelchairs to make the place more accessible. The impact of segmentation is based on CRM data, and it adjusts the retail strategies as per the customers.


The data accumulated within the CRM system allows companies to target a market segment with promotions that can appeal to the members, along with the targeted individual customers. Companies can find out which customers are reaching their retirement age so that they are offered with appropriate promotional hobby products. For customers who visit the website to search for a specific product, the company can include promotions related to it to his/her emails. Following those methods,CRM narrows down the advertisements that are of no interest to the recipient and enhances the precision of the material that is required.


A CRM system tracks customer purchases and service calls. Companies can keep track of the products that have been purchased by each customer and keep a record of their feedbacks. The information helps the company to send out special offers to customers when the purchased products reach the end of their lives. It keeps the brand’s products in front of the customers exactly when they might need a new one and offers them a discounted price. Additionally, the expenses of a targeted promotion are much lower than marketing to a large group but getting only a few responses.

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