How can Mobile Devices Prevent the Fall of Brick and Mortar Retail?

How can Mobile Devices Prevent the Fall of Brick and Mortar Retail?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Brick and Mortar retailers relying on mobile devices for their operations should opt for the right partners who continuously support them with their functioning.

Fremont, CA: Attracting a swarm of customers towards their brick and mortar stores is an uphill battle for retailers. As people highly embrace online shopping, it naturally puts an end to the traditional brick and mortar stores. Every corner of the market is affected by technology. E-commerce occupies a considerable space in this retail landscape, which leads to the brick and mortar businesses facing threats to remain profitable and viable. Breaking all the barriers, if the business relies on in-person transactions at the brick-and-mortar locations, the customer experience should be made efficient, mobile, and seamless. Retail CIOs leverage the potential of mobile devices to tackle the fall of brick and mortar retail in the following ways.

Utilizing mobile technology across any retail operation will enable buyers to understand the importance of visiting stores to make a purchase. There are several service providers of enterprise operating systems accessed by mobile phones for processing payments, electronic documentation, apps, and many more. This solution allows retailers to provide a better experience for the customers while they choose to shop in-store. Shifting from older mobile operating systems and paper-based applications to Android tablets can be a challenging task. Before choosing Android devices, retailers should consider the following aspects to enhance the customer experience.

Adopt Converged Solution

Workers in the retail stores have to process payments, print receipts, and at times, handle electronic paperwork. These retailers should have the confidence to depend on mobile point-of-sale to perform smooth transactions. Thus these agile devices make work easier for staff with the right training and support while making the checkout process seamless for shoppers. 

Be an Android Expert

Businesses often find it daunting to recruit and retain professionals with the right skills, experience, and certifications to execute the full range of operations carried out with mobile devices, including getting and replacing the devices in the hands of many employees. Focusing on quantifying the purchases, stores fail to acquire the right people to manage devices in-house.

Retailers can overcome this by partnering with those service providers with vast experience in Android migrations. Especially, those that take part in the Google Android Enterprise recommended program should be best chosen as a partner as they offer excellent customer experience. Thus, looking for partners having relationships with companies like Google can assure seamless migration.

Embrace Responsive Support

Devices used by the employees should not be prone to flaws, and if that occurs, they need to be provided with real-time solutions as they cannot wait for critical devices to be fixed or replaced. A typical IT team should offer support to a massive number of devices, apps, and users to encourage the employees handling the devices. A Mobile Operations Center is another way to ensure personalized support options. Using remote diagnostics and application-level support, devices can run smoothly in the field without any revenue-generating downtime.

Remain envisioned

With the evolvement of mobile technologies, businesses should upgrade their devices periodically through future-proofing. Forward-thinking will enable this while updating the methods based on today’s requirements and still relevant in the future. Migrations can be expensive, however, choosing the right partner can drastically minimize the cost.

If the brick and mortar retailers ignore to upgrade their mobile technology, eventually, they will experience a fall in their business. The retail industry is brimmed with competitors where the customers are not only influenced by the quality of the product but also by the quality of customer experience. To ensure this, retailers should choose the right partner who can offer continuous support while equipping the customers with the required knowledge during the transformation.

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