How Can Voice and Chat Assistants Benefit from Implementing Bots

How Can Voice and Chat Assistants Benefit from Implementing Bots

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, October 08, 2020

Retailers must prioritize the technologies that are having a better impact on the customers and spend on them accordingly.

FREMONT, CA: There is no doubt that the conversational assistants are changing the process in which customers work together with retailers. However, according to most of the companies, the conversational assistants are one of the major providers of the business and customer engagement strategy. In reality, retailers still find it challenging to use new methods efficiently and effectively.

Several retailers have realized the advantages of technologies like enhancing the customer experience, reducing operational expenditure. But with time, many other best practices for organizing conversational assistants are coming up.

1. Attempt to Achieve Realistic Interactions

According to marketers, most consumers want artificial intelligence to be more like humans, and the same is expected out of conversational assistants. The human touch is essential, and it must not be overlooked.

One way in which organizations can take care of the necessity is by making the process of transforming the conversation with a conversational assistant to an actual person easier. To accomplish the exact system, the organizations will have to generate contextualized, relevant interactions that have to be personalized.

2. Create the Appropriate Skill Sets

For the companies to gain success with conversational assistance, they must follow the following rules.

• Architecture and technology: creating a conversational bots needs advanced technology platforms and also the architects that can design them appropriately. The design involves next-best-action-engines, ML, or deep learning model lifecycle toolchains, and AI services orchestration skills.


• User experience design: the retailers must have user experience designers who have the ability of voice application development skillsets. Retailers have to generate a voice/chat application that is based on the mindset of the customers.

3. Enhance Customer Experience with Video and Images

For the customers, nothing can be better than more information. Most of the retailers that are using conversational assistants to increase their demand and business have smartly implemented video, images, and other content that will match with the character of their assistants and will also appeal to the customers.

The customers can now see the images and videos of the products they want to purchase along with valuable content regarding it. This makes it easier for them to understand and buy products more confidently.

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