How Consumer IAM Tools Help Retailers in 2020?

How Consumer IAM Tools Help Retailers in 2020?

By: Katie William, Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Online retail companies struggle to attract and retain the customers by, at times, ignoring the individual's privacy.

FREMONT, CA: It is the period in which digital native generations reach a point where the majority of people have an income and become powerful customers. The growth in numbers gives rise to a larger amount of target audiences for a company, all competing for the individual's cash and business for those generations.

Turning into digital natives symbolizes that in their lives, they have grown up with the tech. Tech is changing so quickly that they want to see everything and anything in a convenient way to be digitally accessible. The slightest amount of online interaction intrusion can become a huge developmental obstacle or can be called a conversion killer as well. There are a number of other alternatives that are just a click away.


The latest generation of digital native people is the first to get the actual meaning of the word. The populace has started to become conscious of a digital-first economy's downsides. The undertakings, partly inflicted by the European GDPR, realize that privacy is a tremendous good that has never been tuned out of the box. Data infringements are part of the daily news, while online tracking is the new default. These generations have begun to claim privacy and make choices to have control over their identity, depending on their requirements and desires.

Safer Password-less Authentication:

For example, credit cards that do not have any personal data written on the card itself are now being produced by various companies with better and safer privacy designs. Organizations have also introduced methods for individuals to sign-in from iOS IDs that allow them to browse through a pseudo ID over their real ID. Also, there are other ways in which people can protect their identities, such as signing in one time links sent to their emails, eliminating the need to set up a password that limits the impact of a potential data breach. Different authentication methods will filter down more quickly in the user domain.

Integrated solutions:

Through supplying them with federated applications with personalized solutions such as media ID or bank ID, companies offer support to customers. It offers the consumer options to choose which service(s) they want to use to authenticate and share data accordingly in an attempt to become the most frictionless experience possible.

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