How Does Emotional Loyalty Help Retailers in Gaining Trust?

How Does Emotional Loyalty Help Retailers in Gaining Trust?

By Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, September 09, 2019

Building a trust-worthy relationship with customers, helps the retailers build a space where the customers come back repeatedly, and helps to enhance the sale of the brand.

FREMONT, CA: Emotional loyalty is not just any kind of program or a reward card. It is a connection felt by the customer after making a good purchase. This connection is usually achieved when every action, input, and communication by a retailer is valued by a customer. The goal of every retailer is to have happy customers who never leave the store without getting what they desire. Establishing a connection between a brand and customer is the ultimate goal for any retailer, as it later builds relationships that keep the consumers coming back repeatedly to the shop. 

However, an achievement of this level of connection needs a wide range of complex balance of activities and behavior between the brand and the customer to move forward to an engagement platform at every point of contact. This kind of connection can only be acquired with different kinds of benefits, which include; high customer retention, brand advocacy, and increased marketing spend effectiveness.

Let's take a look at the three core important components of emotional loyalty:

1. Affinity: Consumers find an affinity for the brand when they come to enjoy the products the brand has to offer. Affinity, in other words, can be stated as I like you... but I dont love you. Liking a brand doesn't mean that the customer will be loyal to it and shop only from that store/brand. If customers find better options and more reasonable prices elsewhere, they will spend their dollars there easily.

2. Attachment: It is more about liking a brand and making an everlasting connection toward the brand. Consumers can predict if the retailers are valued by the relevance of the company brand's communication and their attempts to engage. When a brand makes an effort to connect with the customers in a personalized way, the customers feel appreciated and obliged in the company's ability to meet their expectations.

3. Trust: Everything is built on trust. Trust is known as the cornerstone of emotional loyalty. Trust can only be acquired if the company makes the customers feel respected. Once it is established, the customers will gradually put their trust in a particular brand if the interaction and channel for communication are trust-worthy, and display genuine behavior.

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