How Does Fashion Technology Help Enhance Revenue?

How Does Fashion Technology Help Enhance Revenue?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Digital trends are quite dominant in the fashion industry. The technology shapes the fashion industry by enhancing the CRM and also the revenue.

FREMONT, CA: The impact of technology at present is undeniable. Like all other industries, the fashion industry is also impacted by this innovation. Many of the renowned fashion firms are leveraging this, the advancement of the technology in their field. As a result of this, custom software development for the fashion industry itself has become the most recent trend. These customized websites and mobile applications help the designers in creating a digital voice for their brands.

Mobile Commerce

Smartphones are not only considered as a cool gadget but also they are the biggest allies of the eCommerce platform. Customer market is easy to reach through online shopping where the selection and payments are made digitally. Recently, shoppers instead prefer making purchases online, citing reasons of convenience and less time.

3D Printing Tools

Fashion platform is all about the look and feel of the attire and garments. The biggest challenge faced by brands in online shopping is how the retailers convince the client to purchase any item without actually being able to touch, feel and most, and without trying it on.

Multiple Channel Shopping

The retailers are taking the concept of consumers trying one too many items before purchasing, that too literally. One of the reasons why the concept of multi-channel shopping is being presented to customers is by permitting them with a number of choices of a similar kind if they are browsing for an item through an online store.

AR and VR

Augmented reality and Virtual reality (AR and VR)are both concepts that go hand in hand in technology. Apart from giving the users an enticing experience through a touch of AR and VR gives integration of user's own environment and blending it with the product's features. Both the concepts can help retailers in giving users a look and feel of the product and improving sales.

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