How Essential is AI for Improving Retail Customer Experience?

How Essential is AI for Improving Retail Customer Experience?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, October 15, 2020

Evaluating the latest trends and introducing AI in the industry is a sign that the traditional retail system is now coming to an end.

FREMONT, CA: In the year 2020, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already turned out to be a reality that is present in the daily lives of people. Keeping in mind the consumer, the technology has helped companies from the complex segments to understand, as well as anticipate the behavior of the customer, along with their desires.

Computer vision has multiple applications in several industries.  Nevertheless, in retail, artificial intelligence has entirely changed the customer experience in physical stores as well as online. The stores have services where the customers can pick their items and leave the store even without using their credit cards. Items get scanned, and the customers receive their bills in their accounts, using computer vision, deep learning, and sensor fusion. On the other hand, in traditional retail stores, technology has implemented in-store cameras and artificial intelligence so that the company can monitor their product performances and carry out analysis with the help of machine learning to boost the product promotion and placement.

Additionally, Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies - 2019 cameras can also serve as an essential factor when it comes to customer experience in physical stores. The cameras can quickly analyze facial expressions through artificial intelligence and connect them to various facial expressions and emotions of the customers.

Besides, retailers focus more on fast deliveries, which are crucial to any e-commerce strategy and micro fulfillment centers. These centers are smaller warehouses that are located in urban areas near to the end consumers. It includes vertical stacks and is built with artificial intelligence, which helps it to suggest the appropriate locations for the products that are on their selves. Apart from that, it is also valuable to prioritize tasks and steer ground robots to gather, as well as organize cargo too.

Artificial intelligence backs every search and discovery that takes place in the retail environment. Retail stores now make use of image recognition in order to make it easier for the customers to have whatever they want. There are stored that also implement different ways that allow the customers to search the stocks to find out similar products quickly. Customers also have the option to upload pictures of their chosen item, so that AI can suggest different products to them, which are identical, and are available.

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