How MFC Bolsters the Success of the Retail Industry

How MFC Bolsters the Success of the Retail Industry

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The retail technology is continually evolving to improve the overall performance of the industry.  

FREMONT, CA:  The change has become the only ramp for the retail companies to showcase their unique value propositions to the world of their customers. Amid the new lifestyle that has been created due to the pandemic lately, businesses from the retail industry are exploring every nook of technology to innovate and excel. This marks the next in the retail tech. What’s this new era of the retail industry all about? Are customers increasingly eager to enjoy the feast that is offered by the high tech retail industry? Read on and find out yourself.

Top 10 Retail Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2019Order fulfillment is one of the main processes that a retail company must give importance to in order to deliver the product that a customer and close the transaction. Technology brings to the industry microfulfillment centers (MFCs). This new technology is making its way into the physical brick and mortar warehouses. MFC is a highly modernized warehouse facility that is integrated with various technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, the internet of things, instantaneous data capturing and analysis, and more.

An MFC has all the capability to keep track of the order online and accordingly source the actions that pertain to the order management. In this use case, retailers can efficiently initiate the tasks and operations that are related to logistics and fulfillment with the highest level of precision. In addition to this, an MFC leverages algorithms that are based on automation technology in order to accelerate the process of fulfilling online, prepaid and other priority orders as soon as possible by using various precedence algorithms.

Most of the retail companies of today are looking for smarter ways to operate and bolster not only operational excellence but the deepest level of customer satisfaction as well. The MFC also has the potential to optimize the costs involved in making a delivery of a parcel in an unimaginable way. Along with efficiency in cost, MFC also promises to reduce the human labor involved as most of the major operations are computerized. With all these advantages, MFC has become the new favorite today.

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