How OMS is Enabling Friendly Customer Relationships and...

How OMS is Enabling Friendly Customer Relationships and Skyrocketing Sales

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, November 18, 2019

Order Management Systems (OMS) help in improving operational performance and customer satisfaction while increasing revenue.

FERMONT, CA: In a customer-centric environment, the expectations of having the product increase when a customer decides to buy something and orders it. Only the delivery time taken for the goods to be shipped is concerned with consumers. During their buying process, customers expect retailers to keep them updated. This is where the system of order management comes into play to ensure operational efficiency. To improve the customer experience, the order management system provides real-time feedback on inventory levels across the enterprise. Companies have to assess the cost-to-serve for each order when integrating orders into supply chains. Instead of considering the order management system as internal, it should be viewed by businesses as a customer-facing activity that is essential to strengthening business relations with customers.

OMS provides wholesale companies with a unique source of information to monitor and control all data and procedures, simplifying order distribution to customers. It helps to maintain friendly customer relationships and removing lost and incorrect orders help drive the ordering process more sales and productivity. Businesses are increasingly connecting dedicated sales order management software to their back-office systems to modernize the process of delivery and order writing. Such apps allow sales representatives to write orders in the field on mobile devices, making it easier for the company to take orders directly from the customer through the B2B eCommerce portal. Then these sales order management systems automatically synchronize this data with back-office systems, removing the cycles of one-way paper and repetitive work.

Back-end software integration with sales OMS provides full transparency throughout the product's entire order lifecycle, from initial customer contact to final delivery and payment. Such data identify problems and fix them as the customer base's earliest to maintain. The removal of manual or redundant procedures helps to reduce unnecessary costs and increases OMS reliability. It, in turn, will help identify incentives for consumers to appreciate. The order management systems are developing a more effective sales team, contributing to much better customer experience. The introduction of electronic order management systems offers early adopter benefits in the form of increased sales and increased long-term income.

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