How SD-WAN Can Help Small Retailers Compete Against Big Brands

How SD-WAN Can Help Small Retailers Compete Against Big Brands

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 16, 2020

The small retailers can make use of SD-WAN to compete against large retailers in comparatively low-cost.

FREMONT, CA: In this digital era, technologies influence how retailers’ offers and delivers products and services. The retailers have to identify the ways in which consumers want to shop or conduct payment from their living rooms to anywhere else by utilizing mobile devices. 

Therefore, offering flexibility is one of the reasons due to which continuous success in the retail industry consists of applying the best technological platforms that will improvise the business outcomes. However, for the small retailers, it can be an issue if they do not have the adequate budget or IT staffs while competing against the large retailers and e-tailers. 

Despite the issues, some technologies can act as an equalizer and help small retailers to compete against the big retailers. 

What is a Technical SD-WAN Primer?

Top Retail Management Solution CompaniesThe SD-WAN is a type of software-based technology that is used for connecting the remote locations in a distributed enterprise network. The SD-WANs operates as the overlaying network that allows the remote areas to combine several network functions and application over the low-cost broadband connections. Since the SD-WANs are based on software so they can quickly decrease the number of network devices and connections necessary at every site, hence lessening down the complexity and cost of the network. Furthermore, it is also possible to customize and reconfigure the WANs based on software so that it can support the changes and system updates required. 

Balancing out the Network Edge

The small retailers can benefit from the SD-WAN because they operate at the remote network edge, and this area has the most challenges that the traditional network has not yet solved. The SD-WAN technology is flexible, and this makes it the ideal type of device that can be used in a remote environment, especially if the retailers want to provide an omnichannel experience to the shoppers. Furthermore, the retailers can also offer a choice of payments to their customers with the SD-WAN, and it is one of the significant criteria because the buyers want to enjoy such benefits. 

It will also become easy to implement cloud-based applications and services at the remote network edge with SD-WAN. The best part is the small retailers can apply the technology with their constraint budget and minimal IT management. Moreover, the business can be more flexible, secure, and manageable with a reliable network that empowers the digital transformation

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