How Supermarkets Can drive Sales With Vacuum Packaging?

How Supermarkets Can drive Sales With Vacuum Packaging?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, October 28, 2019

Why is it necessary to utilize vacuum packaging in retail stores and supermarkets? How can vacuum packaging drive sales and enhance marketing strategies? let's check

Fremont,CA: The shoppers prefer supermarkets as they offer an eclectic selection of products, discounts on various sections, and combinations deals to choose from. These are some crucial elements of the marketing strategies that help to drive up sales. Shelving and packaging of the products have also contributed significantly to the marketing strategy, especially in supermarkets.

For enhanced results in packaging and shelving, an industrial vacuum sealer is a much better option for products that meant to be sold in a supermarket. Vacuum packaging helps retain the freshness of the product and cleanliness of the package or sachets protecting it from further harm.

 Companies which manufacture products for selling in supermarkets and stores should be aware of the importance of vacuum packing. In some cases, shopkeepers themselves opt for vacuum packaging to make the plethora of goods look presentable, clean, and top-notch, but most importantly, buyable at first glance. Some limelight is shed on the productivity of vacuum packaging with industrial-grade tools:

• Less Is More Is Product Mantra For the Shelves:

Food products that are packaged using vacuum packaging usually come in smaller sizes. These sizes are ideal for displaying in the shelf space. With vacuum packaging, more pieces can be displayed in lesser shelf space.

The presence of more products accounts for better choices in the daily footfall of the store. Although it is a passive strategy to bring in customers, it works well as it retains the shoppers in the store for a much more extended duration of time.

• Prolonging the Life of the Food Items:

When industrial-grade vacuum sealing is done for the supermarket stores, abiding all the conditions diligently, the life of the product is extended on an average of two to six weeks. The overall health quality of the food products is superior, resulting in a fresh and illness-free environment.

Be it frozen pizza, cheese, meat, or even ready-to-eat soups; vacuum packaging can preserve the products for a prolonged period. For instance, the frozen meat if vacuum packaged can be store in the supermarket refrigerators for up to two years. But, if it is not vacuum packaged, the life of the meat exhausts from four to six months. Similarly, cheese can be stored for more than four years with vacuum packaging, while it lasts only for six to 12 months in case of regular package. Therefore, Supermarkets will find it highly beneficial to utilize vacuum packaging for in-store display and storage of the products.

In some cases, this technique can also be utilized to preserve unseasonal produce for the entire year.

• External Protection Is Imparted:

As mentioned above, the vacuum packaging protects the food from external contamination, especially in the case of ready-to-eat foods and meat products. Disasters like freezer burns, harmful heat rays and bacterial or fungi attacks can be avoided with the vacuum packaging. Neither the supermarket inventory be frequently changed, nor excess food products be disposed of due to contamination or rot. With correct packaging, the seasonal product can be stored and sold for higher rates during its non-availability.

• No Need to Add Preservatives:

Vacuum packaging is a clinically tested technique made with food-grade quality plastic wrapped around the product. This method of packaging curbs the necessity to use extra unwanted chemical preservatives, which hamper the taste and quality of the product in the long run. Supermarkets need not fear the added-preservative costs and its harmful effects on food products anymore.

• Storing the Leftovers Safely:

Many supermarkets have a food counter which prepares food at the station. Vacuum Packaging is a lifesaver for those stores as it will not only protect the fresh, raw produce, but it will also store and maintain openly cooked food.

This majorly includes all the dishes that are prepared on the live counter but are not sold yet. The vessels can be in which the meals are stored can be sealed with the vacuum sealers that preserve the quality of the food items like sandwiches, salads, pasta for weeks.

• Inducing Confidence on the Products:

The industrial-grade vacuum sealing impacts on the quality of food, making it an ideal option for any shopper to reach out on to the shelf and choose them over other similar products first. The finish of the packaging is refined, clean and sophisticated.

Supermarkets should not destroy the quality of the food, but make sure the customers keep coming to the store again and again. To ensure this, vacuum packaging is the most suitable option.

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