How the E-commerce Market is Evolving with RPA

How the E-commerce Market is Evolving with RPA

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, July 10, 2020

The e-commerce market is changing rapidly as they are utilizing the benefits offered by technologies like Robotic Process Automation.

FREMONT, CA: The e-commerce market is changing rapidly because of technological advancement. It is becoming more efficient and customer-centric than it was ever before. E-commerce has started to utilize technologies like machine learning, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to benefit retailers and customers. There is one more technology that has contributed to the development of e-commerce, and it is Robotic Process Automation or RPA. The retailers can manage the business efficiently and in an organized manner by using RPA. Here are some of the features of RPA that the e-commerce market can utilize. 

Automating Inventory 

In the e-commerce site displaying the merchandisers, products had to be updated manually. Repeating the same procedure manually by uploading the product image in different categories, followed by the product attributes, can be tedious. 

Top 10 Supply Chain Management Solution Companies - 2019With the help of digitalization, the e-commerce market can automate the entire process by studying the product catalog image and making the required changes. They can then use UiPath, a leading RPA tool to upload the changes in the respective product folders. 

The technology allows the organizations to automate uploading images while identifying the various features of images like gender, pattern, product category, and color. The entire process can be conducted by utilizing AI-based deep learning images that will enhance the procedure using computer vision technology. Thus, by using robotic, the system as a whole becomes smarter and intelligent. 

RPA in supply chain management

One process that requires most of the demand and attention as it has to deal with products, suppliers, and consumers is supply chain management. RPA can efficiently manage the entire process by sending reports about the latest status of the orders, alert the businesses about the in inventory, and other tasks related to product shipping.

Content creation E-commerce 

It can also be a repetitive task for e-commerce content creation for brands and marketplace, particularly for the product catalog. The websites of the e-commerce businesses have to provide the information necessary for the consumers and to do that. They need a content specialist for developing a product page. It can be a repetitive task for the specialists when they have to source the data from various locations and compile them in the template file by the CMS. It is a hectic and complicated task, but the companies can maintain their efficiency and make sure that their Time-to-Market does not get affecting by applying Robot Process Automation.

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