How the Introduction of Cloud Has Affected CIOs?

How the Introduction of Cloud Has Affected CIOs?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, November 14, 2019

CIOs' roles have considerably changed over the years. The evolution of the cloud has been a significant contributor to this trend.

FREMONT, CA: A growing number of companies are pushing engineering leadership beyond the IT department. It has become a collaborative practice to invest in technology. Several business managers now rely on their own cloud-powered services to be procured. Unlike the past, this method of procurement does not always include CIOs. As the cloud seeks applicability in day-to-day business, the position of key leaders like the CIO, while opposed to their traditional roles, is limited.

Before the cloud appeared, CIOs were the enterprise software arena's most critical Oz.

For all employees across the company, they chose their software, networking tools, and hardware. This ranged from minor tasks like an employee to critically impactful tasks preferring a new computer. There is a rising emphasis on business-procured IT, where millennials are using cloud-powered platforms to pick their own functionalities.

Experts, however, agree that this phenomenon may not completely replace the position of CIOs, but may require a change in how CIOs approach traditional technology management. The current CIOs must empower the rest of the company to understand and balance the concepts of digital and analog.

Additionally, by using their previous experience, an ideal CIO can guide the ongoing business transformation process. That, however, is not the case in many businesses. Nearly half of the companies do not appear to formally involve the inputs of CIOs in their business-IT decisions. CIOs need to align more with the rest of the executive team.

As a result of cloud computing, the inflow of cloud-powered SaaS tools occurred after the cloud emergence. When installing new technologies, workers no longer required the approval of CIOs. Alternatively, the current employees were able to subscribe within a few seconds to new products or online tools, and assistance from other members of the team was not necessary.

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