How this Beauty App Transforms Beauty Services

How this Beauty App Transforms Beauty Services

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, July 20, 2020

A new beauty app is helping consumers professional beauty services and cosmetics advice.

FREMONT, CA:  My Beauty Whisper (MBW) is an innovative beauty tech organization that aims to provide every beauty consumer a streamlined access to interactive face-to-face beauty consultation & expert beauty product advice from a beauty expert anywhere, anytime with its next-gen beauty advisor. The organization is using technology to make the human-to-human connection, not the robot-to-human relationship.

My Beauty Whisper believes that every kind of beauty query a consumer has or interactive, customized beauty advice is now at their fingers. They is no longer any requirement to browse countless beauty blogs to figure out which beauty product is appropriate for them. The company uses advanced technology to meet the right beauty consultant with the correct user based on the type of beauty needs the user has and the expertise the consultant has. My Beauty Whisper's online beauty consultants, once matched with the appropriate beauty consumer, hear and understand their beauty requirements and then share the right product recommendations with them.

MBW equips the retailers and beauty brands to adapt to the digital age, attracting more millennials with its proficient digital beauty consultants, striving to increase the decreasing brand loyalty and to bring consumers back to the stores. The company provides an innovative and personal consumer experience with the help of its human-to-human factor. The idea of MBW makes it easy for the organization to employ a lot of specially challenged applicants.

MBW service is full circle as it combines the best that technology has to provide with the power of human connection. MBW provides an online platform, giving the ability to all the beauty specialists to work from home. No longer will the disability, geographical location, or other obstructions limit their capability to work. The MBW concept makes it very comprehensive.

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