How to Personalize Email Marketing with AI?

How to Personalize Email Marketing with AI?

By Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 06, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Brands are putting in time and effort to understand their shoppers. Shoppers are spending too for an option to choose among various goods and services. So, what does it require to align consumer’s interest with that of a brand? The answer lies with one of the most disruptive technologies: artificial intelligence (AI). AI has the potential to delve deep into the consumer’s intent.

The retailers who have already incorporated AI into their email marketing efforts are the ones turning leads into real conversions. The reason behind their success is AI’s ability to provide the brands with customer insights with a higher degree of personalized information.

Here’s a detailed insight into the potential and possibilities of AI-based marketing strategies:

Personalized Insights into Customer’s Journey

Hundreds of emails flock into the consumer's account each day. The only emails that leave an impact are the ones that resonate with them. AI conducts organic searches and extracts data from those inquiries. It also structures all the data to generate meaningful information that can be used to optimize email marketing campaign.

The Game Changers

Here are the examples set by two well-known enterprises that leveraged AI:

Netflix: The company recommends television shows based on the viewer’s history. As a result, 80 percent of the programs watched can be traced back to the recommendations.

Amazon: Almost 35 percent of its sales are attributed to AI-generated recommendations.

Offering the Subscribers as per Set Preferences

Allowing the subscribers a means to share their wish list not only builds trust among the consumers but also empowers the brand to create personalized emails. AI is analogous to a personal assistant that keeps track of the shopper’s online behaviors.

Segregating the Consumers

Numerous brands are falling short in the competition because they fail to appreciate the distinctive interests, desires, and personalities of their customers. It’s essential to segregate the customers based on their interests and is the key to unleash the potential of personalized contents. Again, AI plays a significant role in this direction by studying trends and past purchase patterns.

Impactful Subject Line

An impactful subject line, relevant to the targeted customer, holds the key to his attention and is a critical step toward a probable conversion. The personalized data generated through AI helps the marketer to design the subject line based on consumer interests.

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